Do you know that there are natural cancer treatments that mainstream medicine and Big Pharma don’t want you to know about?

Western medicine is no closer to finding a “cancer cure” and effective cancer treatments while cancer has grown into a worldwide epidemic of staggering proportions.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • In the early 1900s, one in 20 people developed cancer,
  • In the 1940s, one in 16 people developed cancer,
  • And in the 1970s, it was one in 10;
  • Today, it’s one in three!

With statistics like these, it is now almost impossible to escape this terrifying illness.

Most media sources may say that chemotherapy has a high success rate, but investigative health activists have uncovered that statistically, such cancer treatments kill more people than those diagnosed with cancer in the first place.

It’s no secret that nature has got a cure for anything.

If so, why do we keep relying on pills and injections only? Maybe it’s because we have all been told to do so? Because for some reason we all believe in science but not Mother Nature?

We make tons of money for pharmaceutical companies and neglect the most natural and healthiest options – why? Maybe it’s time to return to our roots and start believing in nature again? Herbal medicine has been used for centuries to treat many different health conditions.

Here are a few things that you will never hear from your doctor about totally natural cancer treatments.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric contains a very powerful cancer-fighting polyphenol Curcumin. Curcumin has been clinically shown to inhibit the growth of different cancer cells including bone cancer, breast cancer, brain tumors, liver, pancreatic, stomach, bladder, kidney, prostate cancers, leukemia, ovarian, melanoma, and more!

It has the ability to block every stage of cancer development, from cell mutation to tumor growth, to metastasis; that is why curcumin has been the subject of cancer research for many decades.

When purchasing turmeric, make sure you are buying the organic stuff: by purchasing cheap turmeric that is widely available to purchase, you could actually be increasing the heavy metal toxins and bacteria that you consume, as the manufacturers do not worry too much about the possible contamination of their product.

2. Hemp Seed Oil/Cannabis Oil

For thousands of years, ancient Egyptians, Persians and even Greek civilizations successfully used cannabis oil (or hemp seed oil) in elixirs and medicinal teas to provide an antimutagenic action which prevents genetic damage by free radicals and/or radiation.

Hemp seed oil (or Cannabis oil) is one of the top natural cancer treatments; it destroys or shrinks cancerous tumors, as well as a cure for diabetes, ulcers, arthritis, migraines, insomnia, infections, and many other diseases.

Cold-pressing the seed of the Cannabis sativa (hemp plant) produces a very important oil that can actually legally be purchased in the United States at various health food stores. Hemp seed oil is very high in essential fatty acid content, and it does NOT contain the psychoactive THC ingredient used by people who smoke weed.

Hemp seed oil is available in several forms with different potencies. It can be infused into cooking oil that patients put under the tongue or just mix into their food. Hemp seed oil vapors can also be inhaled.

3. Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi has been used to treat countless ailments in the Far East since ancient times. In China, they’re called the “Mushrooms of Immortality.” Reishi mushrooms have multi-faceted immunomodulatory effects and are meant for long-term consumption and have been linked to reduced blood pressure and improved nerve function and stamina.

Multiple studies show how Reishi can identify potential pathogenic invaders by amplifying natural killer cell activity. Cancer cells enforce their way into healthy cells and destroy surrounding tissue. Reishi mushrooms have been shown to block the enzyme and prevent cancer from penetrating healthy cells!

4. Melatonin

Did you know that you can be fighting cancer while you are simply asleep? Since its discovery over 50 years ago, melatonin has demonstrated itself as a functionally diverse molecule with antioxidant properties.

Melatonin has been found to be superior to glutathione and vitamins C and E and combats free-radical-related diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer. The body naturally produces melatonin in the brain, but if you’re diabetic, borderline diabetic or over the age of 55, it’s common to need supplementation.

Ask your naturopath!

5. Baking soda

A teaspoon of usual baking soda in a glass of water daily can help to alkalize your system. When your cells have plenty of oxygen and your body is not acidic, it becomes very difficult for cancer to survive in it.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is an Italian physician who has discovered that plain old baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has a powerful ability to eradicate cancer from the digestive tract and other parts of the body.

His research shows that tumors are mostly fungal in nature, and the baking soda is particularly effective for removing cancer. In spite of his very impressive body of clinical research and success rates for over 20 years, he has been largely ostracized in Italy.

6. Organic Garlic Cloves

Garlic is one of the most powerful natural anti-cancer cures. Studies all over the world have shown it to lower the risk of developing all types of cancers, especially colon, stomach, intestinal, and prostate cancer.

It has strong antibacterial properties as well as the ability to block formation and halt activation of cancer-causing substances. Garlic can also enhance DNA repair and slow down cell reproduction. It stops cancer growth and kills cancer cells.

7. Apricot Seeds

Thousands of people have used apricot seeds to eliminate cancer without negative side effects.

Laetrile, first popularized as a cancer therapy in Russia and the United States more than a century ago, is the trade name for a purified form of amygdalin – an extract derived from apricot seeds and some nuts and plants.

Intestinal enzymes break down laetrile to produce cyanide, which kills cancer cells and leaves normal tissue unharmed. Banned in the United States, an oral form of Laetrile is available in other countries.

Do you know anyone who has tried any of these natural cancer treatments?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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