When was the last time you made any updates to your home? Here are the latest modern interior design trends you can use to renovate your house.

The next few years are seeing some interesting new trends for modern interior design which should be a huge change from the usual household look.

The overarching theme of the new interior design trends is modern, but there are many different ways to achieve that.

Less is More

Remember that Chanel always lived by the saying ‘before you leave the house, take one accessory off’. The same attitude is increasingly being brought into play with houses – rather than having furniture we don’t need, and knick-knacks that will just collect dust, the modern aesthetic is to have less around.

Newer trends in modern interior design are emphasizing having less furniture and more space to move in, as an alternative to the older version of having more furniture.

Sharp Furniture

According to the company provides actuators and TV lift systems, modern interior design is going in the opposite direction to car design these days. Where cars are becoming sleeker and stream-lined, interior design is now emphasizing sharp lines and clean corners.

This is in direct contrast to the older interior designs, which tried to bring warmth and cosiness into a home through the use of smooth shapes and rounded edges. One possible reason for this change could be that it is easier to control motion in home automation when the edges of a particular piece of furniture are smooth and clean in an accepted way.

Neutral Colours

The trends of modern interior design seem to want all of our houses to look like the inside of an Apple store; the latest trends have us moving away from colorful interiors to ones that emphasize neutrals instead.

Before, using neutrals was something that many people did when they were hoping to sell their house because it allowed them to present a blank slate to potential buyers.

Neutral colors are coming in because the overall trend is towards simplicity, and these colors are easy on the eyes, easy to coordinate, and don’t make the home too ‘busy-looking’. The trend doesn’t mean that all color is out – it should just be in small pops of color, rather than in-focus areas.

Dark Bathrooms

Oddly, given our move away from the dark, rustic look in other parts of the house, dark bathrooms are in.

We used to keep white and light colors in the bathroom because they were usually smaller spaces, and the light-colored tiles made space seem bigger, but this is being abandoned in favor of bathrooms that have darker tiles and cupboard space in them.

This style is something that makes a bathroom seem more sophisticated, and the overall style of clean lines with dark colors is very modern.


A continuing trend in the next years will be the use of glass in interior design. Glass makes any design look very modern, and it is a material that can be incorporated into any room for an airier, more modern look.

1. Bright Green Looks

The up and coming color of the year is bright green, according to surveys given by Pantone. The color is expected to be used in many rooms, though primarily kitchens and bathrooms, to brighten the area up and give it its more modern look that everyone wants.

Green is inherently refreshing and gives you a pep, which is why kitchens and bathrooms will be bearing most of the trend for the foreseeable future. An additional something to get us up in the morning will be welcomed.

2. Butterflies

This year will see butterflies beat out other forms of wall decoration for what most people are putting on their walls this year. Butterflies used to be confined to either nurseries or children’s bedroom, or sometimes outside artwork and personal artistic endeavors.

No more. The butterfly is the in-thing to have, and the latest trend to catch up on. Butterflies are seen as both graceful and optimistic, which is perhaps why they are now coming into fashion.

Since the other trends include clean lines and neutral colors, butterflies can also serve as a much-needed splash of color in the home.

3. Mixed Patterns

Another way to bring color into your modern home of glass and neutral colors is through the use of mixed patterns in soft furnishings. More than just having mixed patterns, the concept of ‘too busy’ is something that no longer applies to interior decoration.

Anybody who enjoys having lots of different patterns in the same space can now feel vindicated, as the new trends allow for many different patterns to be used, some of them in the same piece!

Mixed patterns are something that will be everywhere in the interior decoration market before long.

4. Faux Finish

Forget having a simple faux fur rug in front of your fireplace – this season is about faux EVERYTHING. Faux finishes are everywhere, for rugs, carpets, couches, chairs, curtains, blinds, tables, ceiling beams….everything that can be a fake version of something else is.

The benefits of this are endless: faux leather sofas are much less cruel than leather, with the advantage that they can last longer, be treated for flame retardation and so on more easily, and they can be used to print patterns on to fit with other décor trends of the year.

Fake wood is less expensive than real wood and isn’t subject to the same problems that can afflict real wood in terms of rotting or having termites. A fake rug is not cruel for the simple reason that it does not need to have an animal die for it, among other reasons.

5. Texture

This trend is possibly something that is springing up in direct response to the clean lines and reliance on the glass that is going to dominate this year’s interior decoration.

When everything is smooth and clean-looking, the texture will stand out much more, so use it judiciously in your home to bring attention to certain areas, and to make your home look luxurious.

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    I agree I notice a lot of houses have a minimalistic and modern design. Also, I noticed the color trends. A lot of people are now using neutral colors. Great blog by the way and thanks for sharing.

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