Here are some of the best master bedroom ideas to create a sleeping space that will be both well-designed and comfortable.

The average human spends around one-third of their lives either asleep or attempting to get to sleep.

Imagine that!

Combine that little statistic with the fact that a poor night’s sleep can affect every area of our waking life, including our mood and overall health.

With that, we begin to understand the importance of creating a comfortable sleep space with these master bedroom ideas:

1. E-environment

Did you know that your phone may be the source of insomnia or difficulty falling asleep? Electronic devices can emit a blue-light that stimulates the brain. Using these devices in bed and then attempting to go to sleep can be a self-defeating activity.

Many phones and tablets are equipped with ‘night mode’ capability which reduces the blue-light effect. Better still, try to make your sleep space a dedicated relaxation zone, separate from your entertainment areas.

Your bedroom should be a comfortable cocoon – a haven away from technology, stress and mental stimulation.

To do this, try and avoid having electronic devices such as laptops and TVs in your bedroom. Not only will this avoid the distraction and stimulation of light, but it will also cement your bedroom as a defined sleep space.

2. Bedding

Fluctuations in body temperature can be the cause of sudden waking during the night. Prepare a sleep space that has adequate covers, with extra blankets or a doona at the foot of the bed, within easy reach.

Consider buying oversized bedding which falls to the floor on either side of the bed, this will prevent the inevitable loss of blankets caused by tossing and turning, in the middle of the night.

One issue that is often disregarded in favour of aesthetic appeal is that different people will benefit from different materials when it comes to bedding.

For example, for those of us that suffer from a dust allergy, there are several hypoallergenic options when choosing pillows and covers that will allow you to exponentially improve your sleep quality.

3. Sweet Ensuite

The ensuite has become a staple in most newly built homes and is a valuable selling point. For those who need regular visits to the bathroom during the course of a night, a well laid out ensuite can be a godsend.

The perfect ensuite should be a fixture in any master suite – positioned for easy access but also to allow minimal noise disruption to other sleepers.

Sliding or banging doors can also cause noise issues and thoughtful design strategies should be sought to prevent these from waking others during the nightly visits.

4. Dark matters

A major inhibitor of a good night’s sleep is our body not understanding it is night. To combat the entry of light into your bedroom, consider installing electric blinds. My blinds allow me to wallow in bed and at the touch of a button, control the light entering the room – what luxury!

5. Light sleeper

Soft, ambient lighting in a bedroom is not only seductive and inviting, but it can also relax and prepare the body for sleep. Place lamps within easy reach so they can be activated with little effort.

Dimmer switches are ideal for bedrooms and placement should be within easy access to the bed.

6. Noise blocking

A quiet bedroom is a must for anyone seeking a solid night of sleep. If external noise is an issue, try these simple tips:

  • For traffic noise, relocate the bedroom to the rear of the home
  • Zone your house to separate entertainment and TV rooms well away from bedrooms
  • Consider double glazing on windows
  • Use sleep therapy music to block out disruptive noise and assist sleep

Chronic sleep problems can result in a diverse and frightening range of health issues including obesity, diabetes and even premature death.

Optimizing your sleep space with these master bedroom ideas to encourage a restful night of slumber can bring long-term benefits to your daily life and your long-term health.

If you are suffering from an inability to fall or stay asleep, before reaching for medication, consider how a few simple changes to your sleep environment like these master bedroom ideas could be implemented to set you on a path towards a blissful night of sleep.

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