It’s common to feel out of sorts because of low testosterone.

The human body produces this hormone naturally. Men generate more of it than women do. Consequently, it makes them who they are. Testosterone decreases with age, and this has significant effects. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of or ignore these changes. So, what are the signs of low testosterone, and how would you manage them?

The Impact Of Testosterone On The Human Body

So why the fuss over this hormone? Testosterone affects the human body more than you may realize.

First of all, it controls the amount of sperm a man produces. It also decides his sex drive.

Furthermore, it regulates the body’s muscle mass. People need normal levels of it so that they can stay at the peak of physical fitness. This hormone distributes body fat evenly and helps a person keep to healthy body weight.

It also affects bone mass. Individuals with high levels of testosterone would have firm bones. Testosterone also affects red blood cell production, and so, oxygen levels.

Consequently, low levels of this hormone change a man both physically and emotionally.

10 Signs of Low Testosterone In Men

If you’re aware that you may have low testosterone levels, there’s good news. The following signs will confirm your suspicions and put you in a good place to manage them.

1. Lack of libido

First of all, you’ll have little interest in sex. Men who lack testosterone will experience a drastic decrease in their libido. This study concludes that testosterone decides a person’s sexuality.

2. Difficulty with Erections

Erectile Dysfunction comes with a lack of sex drive. While testosterone doesn’t cause an erection, it does stimulate brain receptors. These neurons then produce nitric oxide, the chemical needed for a man to produce an erection. Low testosterone levels will make it hard for a person to experience erections spontaneously, or during sex.

3. Low Semen

Also, a lack of testosterone means that the body can’t produce seminal fluid (semen). This milky substance keeps sperm mobile. Men with low testosterone (Hypogonadism) may not produce enough of this fluid when they ejaculate.

4. Baldness

Do you notice unusual hair fall? Balding is part of the aging process, but men with low testosterone may experience it more than others. They may also lose facial and body hair.

5. Tiredness

Do you feel unusually tired lately? Fatigue is another sign of low testosterone. If you are always put out despite getting more than seven hours of sleep a day, you may have low T-levels.

6. Loss of Muscle Mass

Then, your body may stop building muscle. If you notice a slump in your physique, you may need to check on your hormones.

7. Increase in Body Fat

Do you find your tummy getting too round? You could have low testosterone levels. Furthermore, men who have extra body fat may develop enlarged breast tissue.

8. Mood Swings

Moreover, men with low testosterone may experience mood swings. Since testosterone affects so many bodily functions, it may cause shifts in mood as they happen. They are likely to have depression and irritability.

9. Osteoporosis

Finally, men with low T-levels may develop osteoporosis. According to this study, low testosterone is a cause of brittle bones.

10. Poor Sleep

It’s possible that men with low testosterone levels may experience poor sleep. Research points out that sleep apnea can cause changes in testosterone levels.

Treatment Options for Men With Low Testosterone

There are many reasons for having low testosterone levels. Regardless of what they are, there are treatment options available.

1. Losing Weight

First of all,losing weight and exercising will help to slow down the rate of testosterone decrease.

2. Testosterone Therapy

Secondly, men with low T-levels can receive testosterone therapy. They can receive it via injections, gels or patches applied to their skin. Successful therapy helps men with low testosterone solve weight issues and have strengthened libido.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Finally, get enough sleep. Using sleeping aids like jaw positioning devices will open up your air passages and stop snoring. With better sleep, you’ll slow the decrease of testosterone.

In all, don’t ignore low testosterone. You can manage the signs with a few lifestyle changes and proper medical advice.

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  1. Mauricio Cril

    I got too much TESTOSTERONE

    1. Alvin-San Whaley

      No such THING. It’s a GIFT —USE it. (not merely talking about “sex”; I’m talking about weight training, exercise, dancing, building, DOING COOL SHIT while you have the ENERGY. 🙂

  2. John Wright

    1: Is a feminist.

    1. Alvin-San Whaley

      NICE one.

  3. Bryce Smith

    This was me. I had bad fatigue, depression, insomnia, and rapid weight gain. Went to an endo and found out my test level, out of a normal 300-1100 range, was at 170. Taking injections once a week for the rest of my life. It doesn’t just happen to older people either. I was 27 when I was diagnosed.

    1. Gary Downs

      why not get pill form no office visit…i have hypogonadism so I know how costly it get…depending on dose it be about the same

    2. Bryce Smith

      I get it through the VA so no cost to me, though I don’t go there for the shots. (I’d never get a weekly appointment at that place and if I did, there’s no guarantee I’d get seen) I pick up a 10ml vial once every 3 months, along with a dozen 22ga needles, and my wife gives me the weekly shot at home.

  4. Alvin-San Whaley

    #11: Hard EXCERCISE and good fats!

  5. Kosie Smith

    I shall like to find out more about the pil if one can help

  6. Charles Weakley

    I have problems with one and two. My main problems that cause it are weight (which I’ve lost 10 pounds but have a lot more to go) along with depression and anxiety.

  7. Brian D'Amico

    My poop smell lingers longer than it used to

  8. John McDevitt

    I have 9 out of the 10 but at least I still have my hair

  9. Robert Roderick Rodriguez

    The government has criminalized Testosterone as it was Crack or heroine. Any 3rd world country you can walk to a pharmacy and get testosterone for cheap without a prescription.

    1. Tamsyn Stead

      Hence all the roidhead nutters in my particular one.

  10. Tamsyn Stead

    I believe this world already has more than enough testosterone thank you.

  11. Mike Powers

    Is voting for bernie or Hillary a symptom? Cause it should be.

  12. Phil Castellano

    This article is very informative in providing its reader the symptoms of low testosterone. It will give awareness to its reader to be conscious most especially to men about their body.

  13. Alex Cook

    Low testosterone occurs when the body does not naturally produce enough testosterone to meet its normal daily requirements. Testosterone has widespread effects in men, and having levels below the normal range can cause physical, sexual, and psychological symptoms, such as decreased muscle mass, fatigue, irritability, and erectile dysfunction.

  14. Eric Long

    Low T might be simple for others who are not experiencing it. However, we don’t know that we could also acquire it without knowing. This article provides the symptoms that we always feel almost every day of our lives. We should, therefore, take note of this.

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