Weight loss is a topic you bump into all the time these days. Whether on social media, the chances are, you will see an advertisement of products that aid in weight loss; or colleagues at work discussing how they need to hit the gym and lose some weight. Do you want to get rid of your belly fat?

Here is what you can do.

Whichever ways people choose to shed off a few pounds, there is always one part of the human body that is really hard to deal with. The belly! Belly fat is a force to reckon with; most people have gone extra miles, like going under the knife just to lose belly fat.

All is not in vain, though. Fortunately, it shouldn’t be as hard as it is imagined to be and it shouldn’t cost you a penny either. All you need to do is to get the right exercise moves.

Here is a highlight of some of the moves that will help you lose belly fat:

1. Cobra Pose:

Lie on your stomach with your palms under your shoulders and your feet outstretched. Your toes and your chin should touch the floor as well. Inhale deeply and then raise your chest off the floor slowly.

Hold on to the position for not less than 15 seconds. You should at least repeat it 5 times taking short breaks in between.

2. Bow Pose:

Unlike the Cobra pose, you should lie straight on our belly with your feet together and arms outstretched. Slowly bend your knees and let your arms touch your toes. Inhale deeply as you lift your head off the ground.

Bend backwards as you raise your legs. Hold on to the position for a while and then exhale as you go back to the original position.

3. Boat Pose:

Lie on your back, feet together and arms at the sides. Breathing in deeply, raise your feet without bending the knees. Stretch your feet and toes outwards. Lastly, raise your arms and try to reach your toes. Hold on to the position for a while. Release and do it for 5 counts.

4. Plank:

With this exercise, your knees and arms should be under your hips and shoulders respectively. Your head should be well aligned with your spine. Raise your legs one after the other holding on to your abdominal muscles. Exhale as you put them back on the floor. Repeat the move 5 times.

5. Wind Relieving Pose:

Lie on our back with feet stretched out and arms at the sides. Bending your knees and exhaling at the same time, lift the knees towards your chest, thighs applying pressure on the abdomen.

Clasp your arms underneath your thighs. Lift your head slowly and rest it on our knees. Repeat the process for 5 times resting in between them.


Egline J., B.A.

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