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2503, 2019

5 German Inventors Who Changed the World for the Better

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When it comes to creativity, it’s German inventors that have created and developed some of the best and most-loved items in the world. From food to gadgets, there’s no denying the intelligence and brilliance of German inventors. Indeed, it’s thanks to them that we have computers that are so fundamental to both our working and personal lives today. Yet it’s not just gadgets that the Germans created. They are also the creators of some of our favorite clothes and foods. Who can guess what they might

2303, 2019

4 Powerful Pranayama Techniques That Can Change Your Life

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Just breath. It's simple advice but something you need to take more into consideration if you want to manage stress and feel your best. Pranayama is an ancient form of specialized breathing that can have amazing health benefits. This article will give you a good understanding of the importance of breathing and pranayama techniques you can do to find more peace and balance. What Is Pranayama? Pranayama is all about breath control and being able to control it so you can achieve different results. The name

2203, 2019

10 Family Camping Tips and What You Will Need to Enjoy Your Trip

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Have you ever been on a camping trip with your family? Such trips allow you to bond with your family and even give you new ideas of pet care if you carry your pets. Read on to find out more about family camping tips. Family camping gives us a chance for bonding and cherishing enjoyable moments with one another. From personal experience, there is nothing as overwhelming and tedious as taking care of kids together with the responsibilities of pet care in a foreign environment without

2103, 2019

4 Things to Do When Twenty-Four Hours a Day Are Not Enough Anymore

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There comes a point in most people’s lives where they wake up and realize that twenty-four hours a day are just not enough anymore. Between work, families, chores, and hobbies, it’s easy to fill our schedules to the point that we don’t have any time within these twenty-four hours a day left for ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with putting in the work required to achieve your goals in life, but if all you’re doing is working for the sake of work, you’ll quickly find that life

2003, 2019

Red String of Fate: a Beautiful Chinese Legend to Make You Believe in True Love

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What is the red string of fate? How does this belief govern who we are supposed to love? Fate, it seems, has spoken. The belief referred to as the red string of fate, comes from an ancient Asian myth. The legend states that a red string is tied from one partner to the other signifying these two are supposed to be together. At times, this string may become tangled, but it will never be broken. It seems you are destined to be one with this person

1903, 2019

9 Reasons To Travel Around The World and What Life Lessons It Will Teach You

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If you have ever wanted to travel around the world, I encourage you to turn this from a dream into a reality. When you open yourself up to travel, you open yourself up to life-changing experiences. You expand your mind and can transform your insights while learning valuable lessons along the way. When you travel around the world, not only are you exposed to new cultures and societies but to new ideas and outlooks. There is nothing that can help you grow as a person as

1903, 2019

10 Amazing Echinacea Benefits and Ways to Use It to Treat Different Ailments

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So, you are sneezing non-stop. A cold's usually nothing to worry about, but it can get in the way if you have important tasks to complete. You'll need to know about Echinacea benefits. And they are many. We'll explain what this astounding plant is, what echinacea benefits are, and how to use it. What is Echinacea? There are nine species of the Echinacea, also known as the Purple Coneflower, and all nine are native to South America. The Native Americans have used it to cure minor

1803, 2019

Olive Leaf: The Little-Known Health Benefits and Ways to Consume Them

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You're probably aware of the health benefits that come from olive oil and that it's the superior choice over refined vegetable oils. Olive leaf, however, is a more unknown substance you'll want to learn more about to improve your health. Olive leaf comes from the olive tree but should you not disregard them in place of the olives. The leaf contains oleuropein which is where most of the health benefits come from. As great as olive oil is you may not always want to consume oil

1703, 2019

Is Alcoholism Hereditary and What Factors Contribute to a Drinking Problem?

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A drinking problem is one which people who crave alcohol wish they didn't have. Is alcoholism hereditary or is it caused by other factors? Alcohol consumption is dangerous when it becomes excessive. We explore whether alcoholism is hereditary and list the factors that contribute to excessive drinking. This article suggests a few ways to help your loved ones cope with alcoholism as well. What is alcoholism? Alcoholism, or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), refers to a pressing physical need to consume alcohol, regardless of the negative impact it

1703, 2019

5 Asparagus Recipes and Health Benefits You Should Know about

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Forget the potatoes, forget the corn, and instead, try some asparagus! These asparagus recipes will make you fall in love! I grew up on vegetables, as my father was an avid gardener. I ate my share of tomatoes, beans, and peppers, among other things. However, I wasn't familiar with some vegetables that he did not produce in our little garden. When I became an adult, a wide world of culinary treats opened up to me. I tried all sorts of recipes, including asparagus recipes. That was

1603, 2019

7 Bob Marley Quotes on Life That Will Make Your Day

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If you’re feeling down, don’t worry about a thing. These Bob Marley quotes on life will fill you with a love for the new day. When I listen to the music of Bob Marley, my mind goes back to a simpler time. I used to listen to uplifting lyrics about freedom, spirituality, and equality. My day would instantly brighten by the sound of his voice. Then, when I heard Bob Marley quotes on life, I was even more inspired. Uplifting words for an uplifting life I

1603, 2019

6 Sage Benefits and Uses That Will Inspire You to Bring This Herb Into Your Life

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Sage is an amazing herb you need to look to include in your diet. The sage benefits are numerous and it's not only healthy but a great way to bring extra flavor to your cooking. Top chefs call herbs their "tool chest" as they can elevate any dish from bland to amazing. Sage is right there at the top of the list and it's a very versatile herb with many health benefits you may not have known of. Let's look at 6 sage benefits, and uses,

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