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1111, 2019

6 Different Types of Attraction Between Men and Women

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Strong feelings and love between a man and woman aren't always the same. There are several different types of attraction. I’ve only recently learned that there are several types of attraction between and man and woman. I always just thought you met, fell in love and then you either had your happy ending or you didn’t. If you didn’t, well, that usually ended in divorce. Types of attraction Apparently, there are several types of intense attractions which could all be forms of love, and I find

1011, 2019

8 Handy Instant Messaging Apps That Are Really Easy to Use

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Whether we like it or not, instant messaging apps have slowly but surely become the de facto way to communicate with one another across the world. Many of us have stopped trying to figure out long-distance phone call rates or how to send letters that take ages to arrive anyway (if they don’t get lost en route). We simply want to talk with our friends and family – locally and internationally – with apps that are easy to understand, free to use, quick to deliver, and

911, 2019

Cyclothymia: Symptoms, Causes and Diagnostic Criteria

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Cyclothymia, also known as a cyclothymic disorder, is a mental disorder that involves periods of symptoms of depression and periods of symptoms of hypomania. These symptoms, however, are not sufficient to be a major depressive episode or a hypomanic episode. Symptoms must last for more than one or two years. The cause is unknown. Risk factors include a family history of bipolar disorder. Cyclothymia differs from bipolar in that major depression, mania, or hypomania have never occurred. Treatment is generally with counseling and mood stabilizers such

711, 2019

8 Immune System Booster Foods to Eat During Cold Season

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The winter and cold weather is harsh, but you can nip any illness in the bud if you're eating the right things. Nothing can stop it. The cold weather is slowly rolling in, and with that comes the potential to get sick quite easily. Immune system booster foods will be your secret weapon in keeping you as healthy as possible once the cold season hits. Why We Need Immune System Booster Foods During Cold Season The big issue during the winter is that we are stuck

611, 2019

6 Mental and Physical Health Effects of Air Pollution Backed by Recent Studies

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We've become quite aware of the environmental damage that comes from air pollution, but what impact is it having on your health? The concern over climate change issues and the environment need to be at the forefront of our discussions, but the health effects of air pollution impact us on a personal level. The damage being done by air pollution is having a double-pronged effect now. Learning about the mental and physical effects of air pollution will help us gain a greater understanding of how serious

511, 2019

8 Fun Conversation Games for Adults to Help You Break the Ice

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There is nothing worse than an awkward silence! Often in social situations where people don’t know each other, it can be difficult to think of conversation games to help break the ice and start the conversation flowing. Likewise, if you are hosting an event that brings people together who haven’t met before, it can be a great idea to have some conversation games in your back pocket to get everyone talking. Never feel anxious about engagement again, with our list of fun ways to get the

411, 2019

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared from Earth One Day?

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Human beings have been at the apex of the animal kingdom for almost as long as they have existed. We are integral to the existence of the Earth. Profound notions like these make one wonder what would happen if humans disappeared from the Earth one day. Morose as the possibility is, it's one to ponder, with the onset of climate change and global warming. Let's take a few minutes to consider what would happen to our planet if all humans suddenly disappeared from it. What would

311, 2019

How Good Are Your Problem-Solving Skills and How to Improve Them?

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Problem-solving is among those skills that we all have to learn at some point in our lives and it remains an essential part of our abilities to cope with what life throws at us. From learning to walk as a way of solving the problem of how to move towards things we want, to spending hours trying to solve challenges in video games to doing crosswords and sudoku puzzles, we face problems all the time without even thinking about them. However, the time when good problem-solving

211, 2019

5 Instances When Lying in a Relationship Can Lead to a Breakup

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Relationships rely on mutual trust and communication. Lying in a relationship or being untruthful can lead to jealousy, doubt, and distrust. There are some things you should absolutely never lie about, which can be particularly damaging to a healthy relationship. Here are the five top things to avoid lying about in your relationship: 1. How you really feel Especially in a new relationship, it is easy to be swept up in the tide of emotions and excitement and perhaps not be completely truthful about how you

111, 2019

White Knight Syndrome That Could Explain Why You Attract the Wrong People

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Maybe there’s a reason why you’re not finding Mr. Right. Maybe it’s the white knight syndrome which causes you to pick the wrong partner. As I think back on my early adulthood, I remember many times when I rescued partners in relationships. I gave them money, in which they wasted, I gave them 100% of my energy, even though I think they probably only gave me less than half of that, and I just couldn’t stop coming to the rescue. This didn’t happen in one relationship,

3110, 2019

6 Unexpected Benefits of Rebounding After a Painful Breakup

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Rebounds; we have all been there. But are there benefits of rebounding following the breakdown of a relationship? Every cloud has a silver lining – here are six reasons why: 1. Distraction One of the hardest aspects of a breakup, particularly after a serious or long-term relationship, is mentally accepting that it is time to move on. There can be so many difficult and upsetting aspects to this transitionary period, from possibly moving home, losing friends, letting go of the deep personal connection you may have

3010, 2019

6 Healthy Coffee Creamer Alternatives You Should Start Using

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The creamer you add to your coffee can really transform your drink, but is it damaging your health? Replacing your coffee creamer with healthy alternatives is something you'll want to look into if coffee is a big part of your life. Unless you're a straight black coffee drinker, there's no doubt you love to spruce up your coffee. You can do this by adding sugar, milk, syrups, or coffee creamer. But the next time you use your coffee creamer, look at the ingredients. The odds are