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1510, 2018

5 Interpersonal Communication Skills That Will Help You Succeed In Life

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Interpersonal communication skills are essential in creating success, and they’re so simple to learn. What are interpersonal communication skills? ‘Interpersonal communication skills’ is another way of saying ‘people skills’. In other words, they are the skills that we use every day when interacting with others. We use them in communication, collaboration and coordination, and a lot of the time we don’t even notice. The fact we don’t notice them makes it difficult to notice when they may not be very strong, but we always notice when they aren’t as strong in others. Therefore, others will always notice when they are not as strong in you. Practicing and mastering your interpersonal communication skills is a sure-fire way to boost your success in work and in your personal life. They can help you to communicate with those above you, as well as

710, 2016

7 Reasons Why People Prefer the Single Life

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Are you one of those that prefer to have a single life? So many of us live our lives believing that we are all meant to be with someone, that we will all inevitably find that special someone and settle down, even though some of us prefer the single life. But what if some people are actually meant to be on their own? And what if that's because they don't enjoy all aspects of having a relationship? These aspects are the 'ugly bit's that all couples go through, the difficult times, the disagreements, the dishonesty. They are also the elements that very few outsiders actually know about. It's because of these 'ugly bits' that some singletons just much prefer the single life. They aren't looking for that someone, they are in fact very happy alone and feel much freer

1410, 2018

10 Fun Facts about Animals and Why They Are So Different from Humans

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With such a diverse world to choose from, it can be hard to pick just 10 fun facts about animals. Our world is full of the most incredible wonders and interesting species. From lizards that shoot blood from their eyes to otters who hold hands when they sleep. With so much choice, how do you narrow it down to just ten fun facts about animals? With much deliberation, we have managed to choose our favorites. So here are 10 fun facts about animals you wouldn’t believe: 1. Male Adelie Penguins propose with a special pebble, then marry for life This is possibly the cutest of our fun facts about animals. As did you know it’s not just humans that propose, apparently, penguins do too? Specifically, the Adelie penguin is a species found living along the Antarctic coast. When the male finds a

1310, 2018

5 Signs Social Validation Is Too Important for You (and What to Do about It)

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Have you ever considered social validation? You know, that funny little thing that could completely change the way you behave, something we would never admit we need. However, many people in this world need social validation as a drug, a nice ‘fix’ to their mood and self-worth. It follows us ever since the youngest age. We do what other kids do because we don't want to be laughed at. This reaches its peak when we step into our teenage years. We don't wear things or say things that would make us stand out because we are afraid of what our peers would say about that. And teenagers can be ruthless. Then, as we move on to later points in our lives, we crave our parents’ approval, social media approval and so on. This can become an unhealthy obsession over

1210, 2018

10 Greatest Women Inventors Who Changed the World

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Everyone knows Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell. But have you heard about women inventors like Grace Hopper or Stephanie Kwolek? Perhaps not. These women inventors, however, have quietly contributed to society with their innovations. A woman's achievements, however, are often overlooked. We detail how the discoveries of these talented ladies have changed the world. Why society overlooks women inventors The number of patents awarded to women inventors throughout history has been few. Many women never considered patenting an invention, and here's why. First of all was the question of legal status. Women of yesteryear couldn't own the rights to inventions. They had no licenses to use what she had invented, or sue anyone who lay claim to their work. Also, there was the question of the types of inventions needed. The devices that women came up

2911, 2017

15 Pressure Points On Feet For Different Mental And Physical Health Problems

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Massaging the pressure points on feet and other parts of the body may benefit you more than you realize. Acupressure is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that the Chinese have relied on for their well-being for centuries. Lifeadvancer will explain what it involves, and how giving the feet a thorough rub is a boon for your health. What is Acupressure? You may have undergone acupuncture treatment before, and find the process familiar. Consider acupressure a relative of acupuncture. Both are techniques used in TCM and are similar in principle. TCM practitioners believe that a person becomes ill when his 'qi,' or energy, is weak. Energy flows throughout the body. A person becomes sick when negative forces disrupt it. Acupressure, like acupuncture, involves accessing meridian points in the body. Doing this restores 'qi' and promotes healing. Both practices

1010, 2018

8 Unusual First Date Ideas Which Are Perfect for Hopeless Romantics

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Traditional dates are great, but why not try some unique first date ideas to liven things? Unusual dates help you get to know someone faster. It’s been a while since I went on a “first” date, but I will admit, I’ve been on a few unusual ones. First date ideas can range from movies to walks in the park, and those are just the ordinary ones. What we’re after here are the more unique versions, the strange encounters, and fun-filled adventures. These first date ideas are what really brings the truth out in a person. A selection of unusual first date ideas So, if you’ve met someone new and you’re at a loss for date ideas, so it’s time to choose something a bit out of the ordinary, don’t you think. Why not, you only live once, right? So, here

309, 2018

Why Silent Treatment in a Relationship Is Damaging and How to Deal with It

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Hands up who has given their partner the silent treatment in a relationship? Now let’s have another show of hands for all those that didn’t think it caused their partners any real pain? Would you be surprised to learn that silent treatment in a relationship causes actual physical pain? This is because ignoring someone activates the same area of the brain that responds to physical pain. This area is the anterior cingulate cortex or the ACC. The ACC is involved in many complex human processes. These include decision-making, impulse control, empathy, and emotion. Studies show that it is also involved in how we experience pain. Before we go any further, it’s important to talk about how the brain recognizes pain. Most of us would associate the feeling of pain with an injury to our body. In fact, there are

1110, 2018

Why Do Pregnancy Stretch Marks Appear? (And Six Things to Do to Prevent Them)

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Pregnancy stretch marks are long, narrow stripes or lines that appear on the skin of many women and they are prevalent in 70 to 90 percent of pregnant women. The appearance of pregnancy stretch marks is common during or after pregnancy or after a sudden change in weight. This article will highlight all you need to know about pregnancy stretch marks, the cause, along with six things you can do to prevent it. What Are The Causes Of Pregnancy Stretch Marks? Pregnancy stretch marks are also known as Striae gravidarum and are mostly caused as a result of the continuous expansion and contraction of the skin covering the abdomen. The appearance of such stretch marks is also the result of the skin being suddenly and quickly stretched. Before stretch marks become visible, the affected area may become irritated or

1809, 2015

The Secret Life of Plants: Research Reveals That Plants Can Be Intelligent

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A book written in the 70s claimed that plants were sensitive beings that liked classical music and had emotions. This book was called, The Secret Life of Plants. The book contained notes of experiments with music, polygraphs, and vegetables. The science in the book has now mostly been discredited, but after reading the book, people began talking to their plants and playing music for them, and most certainly people still do today. So when Michael Pollan first started discussing the possibility that plants can be intelligent, he was labeled a “whacko”. Following years of scientific studies, with this new research field known as plant neurobiology, scientists are adamant that plants can sense, learn, remember and react. These scientists believe that plants take the sensory data they collect throughout their daily lives and they change their behavior based on the

910, 2018

How to Use Acupuncture for Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

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Did you know that it’s possible to use acupuncture for weight loss and it’s proven effective by scientific studies? Excess weight has become an increasingly serious societal menace. That is why it should come as no surprise that experts and regular people keep coming up with fresh new ways to improve weight loss outcomes. But did you know that it is also possible to use acupuncture for weight loss? Diets, workout regimens, smart weight loss devices, hypnotisms, and surgeries among other unconventional interventions are some of the options weight watchers are currently using in a bid to lose excess weight. And now, acupuncture has become the refreshing new weapon in the unending battle against excess unhealthy weight. But how exactly does it work and how to use acupuncture for weight loss? If you are at a loss to

810, 2018

How to Lose Back Fat with These Exercises and Lifestyle Changes

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Do you cringe when you turn your head to look at yourself in the mirror? You'll want to know how to lose back fat. A pudgy hind profile can be disconcerting. Fortunately, there are exercises you can do to make it less unsightly. Making lifestyle changes is also part of the answer to how to lose back fat. How to lose back fat: How it accumulates So, how does it build up? It has everything to do with how active you are and your diet. 1. Activity level Take stock of how busy you are. If you find yourself sitting most of the time, you're not likely to burn off the excess fat on your back. Your metabolism will decrease, and you will gain and not lose weight. 2. Diet As the old saying goes, 'you are what you eat.' Consider where you