Here are 5 facts about keto drinks you need to know in case you are finding it difficult to decide what types of drinks you can consume as a part of the keto diet.

The quickest way by which we get calories and sugars into our body system is through drinks. It doesn’t matter if its freshly pressed fruit juices, coffee or soda, they contain an insane amount of sugar which raises your chances of getting fat. Keto drinks, on the other hand, have become a more popular choice for people interested in ketosis.

First and foremost, there are various marketing terms used in describing keto drinks such as low-sugar, natural or low-carb. This makes it difficult for one to tell which keto drink is worth the money.

Just in case you are finding it difficult to decide on a keto-friendly drink, here are 5 facts about keto drinks you need to know.

1. Are all drinks safe for keto?

Not all drinks are part of the keto diet. If you are looking for a ketogenic drink, you basically need to drink beverages that contain low to zero calories such as

  • Water – water contains zero calories and is the safest option for a keto drink if you find it difficult to drink plain water; you can use water enhancers or add in some herbs or lemon juice to add a little flavor to plain water.
  • Club soda or a diet soda – soda contains zero calories which makes it a safe drink option if you are looking to lose weight. You can consume soda either plain or by adding fruity flavors.
  • Coffee and Tea – you can also enjoy your favorite morning beverage as a ketogenic drink provided that you don’t include sugar or any other form of sweetener which has a negative effect on your ketosis.
  • Dairy products low in carbohydrates – a little milk in your beverage wouldn’t do much harm to your weight loss goals compared to when you consume too much of it. You can also opt instead for other dairy options such as unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk.

A safe ketogenic drink should contain no sugar or a high amount of calories.

2. Should you completely avoid energy drinks?

Should you completely avoid energy drinks

The truth about energy drinks is that they are packed with a high amount of sugar which is the secret behind their effectiveness. This makes a majority of energy drinks available in the market an unsafe choice when on a keto diet.

If you must opt for energy drinks, you have to go through the labels and tables thoroughly to ensure that they contain low traces or zero amount of carbohydrates in them. There are some brands of energy drinks available that can keep you in ketoses such as Monster Zero Ultra, Rockstar, and Red Bull Sugarfree.

While these are recommended if you can’t avoid energy drinks, it is important that you understand that they are not an entirely healthy diet option but simply a low-carb option to help you stay in ketosis.

3. How about Diet Drinks?

Diet drinks such as zero-calorie sodas like Coke Zero and Diet Coke are a better option compared to normal sodas but this doesn’t completely mean that they are great for the keto diet.

Diet drinks contain a large number of artificial sweeteners that have the possibility of causing sweet craving or could have a purgative effect when taken in excess. A better approach is to take them frequently while maintaining a healthy keto-diet.

4. Smoothies aren’t all that bad

Smoothies aren’t all that bad

While fruits are completely exempted from the keto diet due to the fact that they are high in carbohydrates. You can prepare delicious keto smoothies using low-carb fruits such as spinach and berries in addition to low-carb nut milk, natural flavorings, in addition to fat from egg yolk, avocados or yogurt.

Smoothies are a great way to provide your body with nutrient and being on a keto diet doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid them.

5. What are the keto diet alcoholic rules?

One common question most people ask about the keto diet is whether or not alcohol constitutes a safe ketogenic drink.

The truth about alcohol is that it is dangerous to the body when taken in excess but when consumed in moderation, unsweetened wines, hard liquor, and light beer are safe for consumption when on a ketogenic diet.

Generally, you need to avoid alcoholic drinks such as sweet wines, flavored alcohol, sugary mixers, cocktails and other forms of alcoholic drinks that contain carbohydrates.

On a final note

Keto drinks are drinks containing low or zero amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. It will be impossible to completely list all the drinks that are unsafe for consumption when on keto.

However, it is important to mention that the best way to stay safe is to avoid drinks that are high in calories and check the nutritional information when shopping at your local stores and online.

While there are many keto drinks available, the safest of them all is plain water. With the facts outlined above about keto drinks, we are pretty sure you should have a better understanding of what’s safe for consumption when on keto.

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