How to Keep Your Gray Matter Sharp with These Apps and Gadgets

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Keep Gray Matter Sharp

Commonly referred to as Goldfish Memory Syndrome, it’s estimated up to a third of women find it almost impossible to retain and remember new information.

We all have gray matter in our brain, and it’s this that controls information processing and memory function.

But if not nurtured properly or unstimulated, the gray matter in the brain can lose its sharpness, causing the individual to become less alert. Unable to focus properly and remember certain things, if your gray matter loses its potency you may find yourself becoming less sharp as you get older. But technology has responded, with many apps being released every single day specifically designed to improve brain function and sharpness.

If you think your gray matter could use an extra helping hand, here are some top apps you can try.

1. Cognito

Effectively combining the principles of learning and gaming, Cognito has been exclusively designed by neuroscientists for the purpose of improving overall brain function. Featuring games that focus on memory, reasoning, adaptability, focus and speed, Cognito nurtures the brain in a variety of different areas to produce the best possible results for your sharpness.

As Cognito’s function primarily comes from games, this app allows you to nurture your gray matter whilst still having fun! Also boasting an interesting personality assessment feature to try, Cognito is a great app to start with if you’ve never tried any cognitive brain activities before.

2. Coloring Book for Mandala & Me

Whilst the activity of coloring doesn’t automatically come across like it would nurture brain function, coloring not only enhances creativity but can also improve your brain’s ability to focus too. An effective stress and anxiety reliever, coloring is an extremely therapeutic activity that can be enjoyed by everyone – not just kids!

If you want to save money not buying expensive coloring materials, Coloring Book for Me & Mandala is a great alternative. Featuring an endless array of colors and designs to color in, this Android coloring book app will nurture both your focus and creative side.

3. Clearlock

As its name suggests, Clearlock is a locking mechanism on certain phone applications. When trying to concentrate or remember something, hearing your phone suddenly ‘buzz’ with a notification can be extremely distracting and can even defer your attention from what you were originally doing altogether.

To avoid this and ensure maximum focus, Clearlock limits access to specified applications on your phone for a set amount of time. This means your phone won’t disturb or distract you, giving you a clear mind to focus with. If you find your computer equally distracting, Clearlock can also be used there too!

Maintaining the sharpness of your brain is hugely beneficial in many ways. From improved focus to being more alert, to better memory, nurturing your gray matter doesn’t have to be gruelling and boring, In fact, using the above apps will allow you to have fun, work on your brain function and avoid distraction.

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How to Keep Your Gray Matter Sharp with These Apps and Gadgets

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