If you want to know how to use CBD oil and figure out the right dose for you to make the most out of its amazing health benefits, read on.

With all the available hemp CBD products on the market today, it is a bit of a shot in the dark as to the quality of the oil you have purchased. That’s before you even consider the conflicting information on the effective use of CBD oil.

When making your purchase there are a few things to check when choosing the right brand. Quality hemp products will have clear and detailed labelling. The packaging will specify the volume of CBD and other cannabinoids on the label.

Easily available lab testing results also back this up. Any hemp oil you purchase must also contain less than 0.2% THC to be classified as a legal health supplement in the UK, EU, and the USA.

Proven Benefits

Cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) contain an array of health and wellness benefits and there are many claimed medical uses which are steadily being proven with scientific evidence. This can be seen by the recent approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration of a new medication used for rare forms of epilepsy called Epidiolex.

This prescription medicine is primarily based on the cannabinoid CBD which is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant also known as hemp. Full-spectrum hemp is rich in a variety of cannabinoids, especially CBD and is sold in the form of oils, sprays, edibles, topicals, e-juices and even concentrated drops.

Below we will discuss different ways to use CBD oil and the bioavailability of different delivery methods.

How to use CBD oil

CBD is a natural, non-toxic oil that is safe to use and impossible to lethally overdose on. What is important to remember is that you need to know how to use CBD oil carefully.

It can be expensive and it is important not to waste it as there is only so much your body is able to absorb at any time. This is known as bioavailability and is essentially the absorption of cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

1. Vaping

Vaping CBD e-juice is the fastest and most bioavailable method of consuming cannabidiol. This has the best bioavailability out of other methods at over 34%. You can feel the effects almost immediately after vaping.

Vaping is by the far the most efficient way to consume CBD products. However, there are many other ways and not everyone is keen on vaping due to its link with smoking.

2. Sublingually

Sublingual administration can happen through a variety of ways. This includes pastes, sprays, tinctures, and strips. Taking cannabidiol sublingually is the second most efficient for bioavailability.

When you take CBD as a tincture under the tongue, the onset of effects can be as little as 20 minutes. This is because the CBD is directly absorbed into the bloodstream bypassing the liver and digestive system and for this reason, sublingual delivery is very efficient.

3. Ingestion

Oral ingestion of oils can involve using pastes, drops, capsules and via delicious edibles. Edibles are fast becoming one of the biggest sellers in the CBD community. Eating your supplement is easy, discreet and there are also some truly amazing creations available to choose from.

CBD oil can be an acquired taste to some. Thus, using edibles as your delivery mechanism can help you mask the taste of CBD. It is efficient effective and long-lasting to eat cannabis!

4. Bioavailability

Absorption of cannabinoids or bioavailability can be different depending on a number of factors such as your weight, height, metabolism and your environment. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) comprises both the nervous and immune system.

Within this system, there are millions of CB1 and CB2 receptors of which cannabidiol can bind to. Vaporizing CBD oil is by far the fastest method of delivery as the cannabinoids are absorbed immediately through the mouth and lungs.

Oral ingestion may slow this process down. That’s because the CBD needs to be digested in the liver before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

How to use CBD oil and figure out the right dose

Dosing is not an exact science and there is no official recommendation on the intake of CBD. There are many variables that impact the correct dosage so it is currently difficult to give a precise measure.

Diet, environment, metabolism, and weight all play a large role in the dosage requirements for you. The best strategy is to consume small amounts when you begin whilst slowly increasing the amount to find what works for you.

Someone new to CBD should start with around 10mg to 25mg per day of and increase dosage to maximize the positive effects.

Does one build a tolerance to CBD oil?

Some studies suggest that your body does not build a tolerance when using cannabidiol on a regular basis. This is because CBD has a very different relationship with our ECS when compared to other cannabinoids and it acts as an antagonist on the receptors.

This is technically known as negative allosteric modulation and is the reason for us not building a tolerance. CBD actually inhibits and reduces the binding affinity of CB1 receptors, unlike other cannabinoids.

How to use CBD oil in combination with other products for the most benefits

When you use CBD in combination with a healthy and balanced diet, it is an excellent nutritional supplement that can help you improve your health and wellness.

Cannabinoids are fat soluble so it’s far more efficient to deliver cannabinoids using a vegetable-based fat such as coconut, hemp or avocado oil. This could also help people who have not yet acquired the taste of CBD or are on low-fat diets.

Blending CBD with other natural products such as turmeric and honey can also result in amazing benefits. Honey is a natural antibiotic and with the analgesic anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, you will find yourself with a very strong alternative therapeutic edible that can be used in a variety of other dishes or just eaten.

Turmeric is also believed to increase the absorption and uptake of CBD by up to 500% when used together.


You can use CBD oil in a variety of ways. It is really up to you to choose the best method that suits your needs and requirements. Remember you cannot overdose from CBD oil, but it’s always a good idea to consult with a health practitioner if you are unsure whether it is for you.

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