Is it possible? If you want to make a long-distance relationship work, then be prepared to improvise, compromise, and have loads of patience.

So, it turns out that you’ve met the love of your life. The problem is, the two of you are hundreds of miles apart. It doesn’t mean the relationship won’t work if it is a long-distance one, however.

Yes, it can be done, and eventually, you can find a way to be closer to each other. Making a long-distance relationship work can even be fun in ways.

Creativity and inspiration

I must admit, I have been in one or two of these types of relationships. I had to put effort into making this long-distance relationship work. Through trial and error, and even some heartbreaking events, I learned what could and could not be done to improve my way of life during this time.

1. Chemistry

Although emotion is not the only thing that ensures the life of love, it does play a part. If you have good chemistry with someone, you can make a distance relationship work out. You have to keep your feelings strong and exciting. Staying positive as much as possible while enjoying your similarities is key.

Cultivate the feelings that you have for your partner by flirting and paying compliments. This keeps the fires burning naturally and keeps resentment away. After all, long-distance relationships will not grow if not fertilized properly. It’s important to preserve the chemistry that you have.

2. The end goal

Healthy long-distance relationships have an end goal. They generally have a date in which they hope to be together. So, with that being said, in order to make a long-distance relationship work, you must try to set a date in the future for the end of your struggles. If you don’t see an end in sight, then maybe you should discuss the issue and weigh relocation options against how much you want to be together.

Although long-distance relationships can work, most of them do not survive without an end goal. Let’s face it, computer screens, phones, and text messages won’t always be enough. Consider a new job, selling a home or other options in order to be closer together.

3. Togetherness

Do as many things together as you can. This means, watch movies together, chat every day, and send care packages. This also means video chat, send pictures and even introduce your partner to your family and friends. Make it real! This is one of the keys to keeping your long-distance relationship alive.

When you do spend time in person, don’t try to cram in too many activities. Keep it laid back and try to spend the most time just being together and sharing intimacy. You will need fuel for the next long time away.

Signs that your long-distance relationship is healthy

There are signs that your relationship just might last. Attitudes and language will be telltale indicators of the true status of your union. Pay attention to these things. You can find strength or answers about what you notice. You will know it’s worth it when you notice these things.

1. Birthdays, Anniversaries, and holidays

If your long-distance partner remembers your birthday and sends gifts, then this is a sign that your relationship just might last. Pay attention to the trouble it takes to buy flowers and send them long-distances. It proves that your partner is thinking about you and wants you to be happy. They are invested! They see this relationship as something that will last for a long time.

If your love remembers your anniversary together, this is an even larger indicator of their commitment. Think about it! They remembered the day in which you first decided to be a couple. They may even send your gifts on Christmas and Valentine’s day!

2. You’re included

If they’re serious about you, they might even let you in on their grocery shopping or day to day activities. They will skype you while in the hardware store, or they will take pictures at the market. This is a way to include you as if you are physically there. It says so much and indicates a desire for a long-term union.

3. Reachable most any time

Now, I’m not saying they won’t miss your calls sometimes, but for the most part, they will be there whenever you need them. Even if the time zone is drastically different, they may even answer your calls in the middle of the night. This shows devotion. Be sure that if they are losing sleep, they are serious about the relationship.

4. Their world is your world

You will know it’s worth it when people they know in person also know about you. This works the other way round too. If you’re telling your parents about your love interest, then it’s getting serious. This act cements the serious nature of the relationship despite the long-distance nature.

5. Balanced effort

If you notice a healthy balance of effort, that’s a good sign. As long as your partner is striving just as hard to make contact with you as you are with him, then that means you both want to see the relationship flourish. You will notice that he sends consistent messages and includes you in most of his online activities and etcetera.

Now, you may text more, but then he may make more physical visits. As long as it balances, that’s all that matters.

And it is a balancing act, honestly

Putting effort every day into making a long-distance relationship work isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s downright difficult. The good news is, you can make the relationship work by keeping the fires ignited. Yes, it can work and yes, sometimes it’s worth the wait. Weigh your options and this will let you know if you are on the right track.

I hope it all works out!



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