Who am I? Everyone says that you should just ‘be yourself’ but what does that even mean? What does being yourself really feel like?

The only way to know how to be yourself is to understand who you are at your deepest, core level.

Who you are is not your job, your name or the labels you have given yourself through the years. Who you are is underneath all of that, and here is how to discover it:

1. What Makes You Feel Most Alive?

Think for a moment about all the things you LOVE to do. Start making a list and include everything from “sleeping” to “watching classic Disney movies”. Keep asking yourself-when do I feel most alive?’ and write down whatever pops into your mind.

Expand your answers from “things” into actions or feelings- for example: “I feel most alive watching my baby sleep” etc etc. Understanding what you love to do, or what makes you feel most alive is crucial in understanding how you align with your essence, which of course is- Universal Love.

2. What Are Your Talents?

What natural talents were you born with? We all have them, it may just take a little digging to find them. Perhaps you are very good at using your hands, perhaps you are very good at using your mind or perhaps you are a sudoku master.

It doesn’t matter if you think it’s good enough, just write it down. Another good way to discover your talents is asking yourself – what do I like to learn about? And what do my friends ‘know’ me for?

3. What is Your Potential?

Understanding your potential starts from understanding that we are all energy, and our energy is vibrating at various frequencies depending on our thoughts.

Our thoughts, however, are not just what we think consciously, they are also our subconscious patterns developed from early childhood and our karmic patterns which were inherited before birth

This means that our potential is relative to what we think our potential is –“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t you are right” ~ Henry Ford

But, there are also certain elements of our potential that cannot be changed or controlled and this is expressed through our karmic or Universal energy- the energy we were born with.

Our karmic energy is our destiny, it is the energy that we came to planet earth with, it’s the energy we have inherited from past lives, our family history, and the Universe.

Your potential is all around you in the present moment and understanding it is truly a lifelong process.You can, however, begin discovering it through meditation, your own intuitive work or through an intuitive astrology reading.

4. What is Your Purpose?

If you have followed the above steps, discovering your purpose will begin to naturally unfold.

But what you will probably discover if you really start living the above steps is that we don’t really have a direct purpose at all. Our purpose is simply to be true to ourselves and by being true to ourselves, we naturally begin climbing the path of our destiny.

We absolutely have free will and choice in this life, but there are certain factors that are pre-determined and there are certain energies or events that unfold in our lives for a reason. Finding purpose in all of this is up to you.

It is our purpose to find purpose. It is our purpose to simply align with who we are, what we love to do, our talents and our potential, and then live.

“You are the Universe expressing itself as human”– Eckhart Tolle

Author Bio:Tanaaz is an intuitive coach, astrologer and the creator of Forever Conscious. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Tanaaz now lives in Los Angeles, USA.


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