The famous scientist Hristo Mermerski from Bulgaria has put together a recipe of a homemade mixture that has been named as a cancer cure.

Professor Hristo Mermerski described the formula as “… a food for treating the entire body and cancer in that kind of body will withdraw.” According to him, the homemade mixture cleanses blood vessels, boosts the immune system, and cures the heart. It also helps to improve your memory, protect your heart from suffering a heart attack and is a natural remedy for cancer.

By ingesting the mixture, you can help to keep your body completely healthy, ensuring that cancer won’t be able to survive in your body’s environment, professor Mermerski says.

And what’s great about this remedy is that you can make it yourself from scratch with just a few ingredients. Dr. Mermerski thankfully didn’t keep the recipe to himself. You can make this formula using very ordinary ingredients in your own home.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • 15 fresh lemons
  • 12 fresh garlic cloves
  • 35 oz of natural honey
  • 14 oz of sprouted grains
  • 14 oz of fresh walnuts


First, grind the walnuts, sprouted wheat and cleaned garlic cloves down. Next, grind five lemons (with their rind still on) and add them to the mixture.

Squeeze the other ten lemons and add this lemon juice to the mix. Mix everything together until the ingredients become one substance. Add the honey to the mixture and stir in with a wooden spoon.

Finally, put the mixture in glass containers and leave them in the fridge. It’s advised to leave the mixture in the fridge for around three days before using it.

How to consume the magical homemade mixture:

By taking just two tablespoons of the mixture every day before breakfast, before dinner and before going to bed, you can really reap the benefits. If you want to use the mixture specifically to fight cancer, then you should up your intake to two tablespoons every two hours, according to professor Mermerski.

This healthy and all-natural mixture is made by you, for your body, and so it has no negative effects. As Dr. Mermerski explains:

“This remedy contains all essential vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It improves the work of your organs and glands and keeps your body healthy. No cancer can survive a healthy body.”

However, if you are already undertaking treatment or medicine, it is best to check with your doctor before taking the remedy regularly.


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