Your home is your castle, right? Well, so the saying goes anyway. However, it pretty much is true especially when you have poured your hard earned cash into a building or buying the place and you call it home.

Some people build or buy their homes with the idea that they will stay there in that location forever but things change: kids grow up, jobs change, relationships change, and there are so many factors.

So what if you are in your home but you aren’t going to stay there for your lifetime, why then should you consider doing any home improvements?

To increase its value is the simple answer! While others tackle home improvements lovingly while they meander through their spare time, others who take a cold calculated look at the situation see home improvements purely as a measure of increasing the value of the property.

Home improvement projects can be as big or as small as you want them to be.

It really depends on the budget at hand or your specific needs. Is your kitchen sufficient but your bathroom lacks space or efficiency? Do you have a wonderful view out the back but no way to enjoy it? Do you lack storage space all over the house? Do you lust after a walk-in-wardrobe?

Make a list of priorities of things that you think the house lacks or could benefit from and let that be your starting point.

Obviously, you will need some budget and it is important to stick to that throughout the project but you might like to keep an element of a contingency of around 10-15% (of the overall budget amount) for any issues that may crop up as you get through the work.

Hidden problems always tend to raise their ugly heads especially when you take on home projects such as these. Find reliable tradespeople to do the work by reading some reviews online, asking for client testimonials or ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations.

A good carpenter or builder working on your project will mean so much in terms of the end result and get the work done on budget and in a timeframe that you want.

Many people will tell you of horror stories of their home improvement projects which mainly involve dealing with reckless and unreliable builders.

Nothing will stress you out more than a builder who doesn’t keep his word; arrives late on site and is untidy with their work.

This can end up adding a lot of money to your costs so do your homework at the outset to ensure you are working with the right type of people and the project will benefit.

This infographic highlights some home improvement projects that are a good idea to work on. It also handily projects the possible return on investment that you might receive.

It also pinpoints some eco-friendly home improvement choices which might, in the long run, end up saving you money.

Check the infographic out below.


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