Did you know that lung cancer is the most common cause of death today? More people die from this disease than they do from any other type of cancer put together.

But we have something else you definitely won’t have heard before about lung cancer. Did you know that parsley (yes, we are talking about the herb) has been proven to kill cancer cells by up to 86%? This is because of the apigenin that makes up the herb, which can also be found in celery, onion, orange, oregano, coriander, red wine and chamomile tea.

However, unlike the other foods mentioned above, the apigenin found in parsley is highly concentrated and therefore is much more effective when you take it from parsley in the fight against lung cancer.

Research has shown that this vital substance within parsley may be used to create a promising treatment strategy for cancer.

Apigenin has also been proven to have the following anticancer effects:

  • Cell cycle arrest in prostate cancer cells
  • Suppresses migration in cancer cells
  • Suppresses tumor growth

Parsley is said to contain 320 mg per 100 grams of apigenin – making it one of the best natural resources to obtain the substance, with one of the highest concentrates. Parsley also contains types of elements that protect healthy tissues from the toxic effects of anticancer drugs.

The best way to consume parsley is by making a simple tea by following this straightforward recipe:

  1. Take 15 g of parsley root and dice it
  2. Then add 200 ml of boiling water
  3. Allow the mixture to boil for five minutes
  4. Then let it the pot stand for 15 minutes
  5. Finally, strain it and pour the liquid into a mug
  6. The liquid is your healthy parsley tea

Drink the tea three times a day to enjoy the benefits of the wonder herb. You can also eat the herb fresh on various cooked and raw foods, just make sure you consume around a tablespoon of fresh parsley to experience the best results.

You can also use dried parsley, which can be sprinkled on top of any food, and also has the same components.

However, if you are already undertaking therapy for lung cancer, such as chemotherapy, make sure you consult with your doctor first before taking high doses of parsley, as there is a chance that it can interfere with the treatment.

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