Ask yourself what you have done in the past or perhaps you are planning to do to help cancer patients or anyone who really is in need of a donation.

Well, here is an inspiring story of an 8-year-old boy by the name Thomas Moore from Maryland who grew his hair for two years to donate his hair to cancer patients!

It all started the day Thomas saw his mother watching a video of a girl who survived cancer but had lost all her hair after undergoing chemotherapy.

He was touched so much by the video and this is when an idea popped up. He decided to grow his hair and then give it to cancer survivors.

Now, imagine how odd an 8-year-old boy would look with really big hair. Thankfully he had an aunt who supported his heartwarming project. In fact, Moore’s aunt helped him style it up in cornrows to ease the struggle of managing so much hair.

Two years down the line he had enough hair to make three wigs!! His hair was actually 16 inches long!

No one really chooses to have cancer or any other disease and Moore’s story shows that we can do just about anything to help those who are terminally ill. There are many organizations that accept any sort of donation be it in the form of equipment, money, clothes, food among others.

There are also lots of online platforms that allow online-based communication which in turn serve as support groups for those affected in a way or another.

The social world has also brought about a lot of awareness of cancer and how to handle and contribute toward it. Sharing stories such as this one brings hope to humanity and to those who are fighting this ailment, giving them hope for a bright tomorrow.

It’s high time we extend a hand of help to those in need. Cancer patients are some of them.

Touch someone’s heart today in one way or another. You never know maybe one day, the kindness will be extended back to you.

8-year-old boy donated his hair for cancer patients

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