16 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Carrot Juice

///16 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Carrot Juice

Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots are a rich source of necessary nutrients and minerals. It is one of the miracle concoctions that is good for various purposes. We have all heard that it prevents various diseases and helps improve vision, skin, hair and nails.

Well, this article has compiled just about everything that will make you want to get more and more of carrot juice. We have it all covered; from health benefits to personal beauty benefits. Just take some notes!

Heath benefits of carrot juice

1. Improves immunity and controls heart disease – vitamin A in it improves the immune system. It also improves your sight and if taken daily, it reduces the chances of getting heart diseases and stroke.

2. Reduces cholesterol – potassium present in this juice reduces cholesterol levels. It is good for the liver since it reduces fat and bile in it. Potassium with manganese and magnesium stabilizes blood sugar levels thus reducing the risk of diabetes.

3. Prevents cancer – carotenoids intake in carrot juice helps reduce instances of bladder, prostate, colon and breast cancer.

4. Bone health – vitamin A does not only improve vision in that is improves bone health.

5. Fiber source – it is a great fiber source which promotes metabolism. It also helps maintain fauna.

6. Rich in nutrients – has phosphorus, zinc, manganese, magnesium and vitamin A, C, E and K that are vital to your body.

7. Anti-inflammatory – helps reduce the effects of highly inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

8. Antioxidants – vitamin A and C present are excellent natural anti-oxidants.

9. Aids in blood clotting – presence of vitamin K aids blood clotting process.

10. Health external wounds and gums – vitamin C helps keep gums healthy and heal wounds.

Beauty Benefits of carrot Juice

Carrot juice is not all about health benefits but it also has some beauty benefits as well:

1. Prevents acne – it prevents acne by detoxifying your body since it is rich in highly essential oil.

2. Source vitamins needed by the skin – presence of vitamin A reduces skin related problems like eczema, dermatitis, and rashes. It supplements your skin with vitamins.

3. Hair care– it increases hair growth.

4. Nail care – it increases nail growth and nail strength.

5. Fights aging – it improves collagen levels in the skin so as to maintain elasticity hence reduced physical signs of aging. It makes the body firm and healthy.

6. Control sun damage – helps reduce sunburns and increases skin resistance towards suns damage. Beta-carotenoids help in photosynthesis in plants.

Carrot juice is very beneficial to everyone health wise.  It should be taken very regularly and after all, taking more of it doesn’t have any negative implications. It easily available, very healthy and quite tasty.


By Egline J.

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16 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Carrot Juice

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