If you love art, then you should check out this amazing work by Asaf Zakay. He is an artist and designer who creates three-dimensional light fixtures out of simple panes of glass.

These incredible handmade glass lamps can transform an ordinary room into a magical realm of colorful geometric patterns.

Zakay’s journey to where he is now started with artistic exploration as an Israeli native where he began working with materials such as marble and wood. It sounds like a humble beginning, right?

He later moved to Australia with an idea of selling glass stars not knowing how his sacred geometry would impact on his future artworks.

To be more precise, it all started out when he was working as a stained-window installer where he got his inspiration to work with the glass – an idea that he later incorporated into his personal work.

His work is all about playing around with light and shadows using glass to create an artistic design on surfaces while the material will glow like a lantern during the night. He has been using glass material to create geometric structures a feat that is well exhibited by his most notable work, the interlocking tetrahedron, also known as the Star of David.

When Zakay was asked about his passion for his art, he simply said that creating pieces that have an existence beyond what one is looking at is what he loves the most.

He believes that he could not create his imagination better than using glass sculptures and lighting. Talk of the golden ratio that appeals to the human sense of beauty and balance, and capturing the essence of nature and allowing people to see it first-hand.

This is what Zakay’s work is all about!

Apparently, he has other interests as well! When he is not in the studio, he fancies surfing on glorious beaches. He also likes having a good time with his wife and business partner, Samaya.

To get to see more of his artwork, you can simply log into zakaystudioandgallery.com or just search for Zakay Glass Creations on Facebook. We are sure you will get amazed by his imaginative glass lamps and stunning glass sculptures.

We simply can’t get enough of this creative mind!

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