Hair problems can have a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves, even though we are not always aware of that.

How our hair looks can be an indicator of our personal confidence. A bad day can cause you to lose up to 80% of your confidence. This has a serious impact upon your day with your personal, social and professional life being affected. So what if you have persistent hair problems such as hair loss?

This isn’t a new trend either, throughout history, hair has been used as a symbol of confidence, power, and fame. Hair has often been a status symbol.

Back in the Georgian period, large wigs would be worn to demonstrate value in society. Those with the bigger wigs were more important. Even in today’s society, wigs are used in court to symbolize those with power in the room.

Feeling like a celebrity

The part hair plays in how we view ourselves can often be seen with our desire to have a haircut like celebrities. Jennifer Aniston created a trend with the style of hair used on Friends. For years, teens and young adults would ask for haircuts just like hers.

By copying celebrities, people feel closer to the success and power that these individuals enjoy. This can boost morale as we feel like we share in their success and popularity. After all, who can really complain about us having the same haircut as a popular person?

Being attractive to potential partners

Another key aspect of good hair is the part it plays in attracting potential partners. Research in 1997 found that good grooming, including how our hair looked, was the most important factor in attractiveness. Other research has found that good hair contributes to a good impression and those first impressions can take just one-tenth of a second to be made.

Women especially find good hair to be a significant contributor to how attractive a partner is. More than a quarter say that well-groomed hair is the most important aspect of attractiveness.

Teased for bald patches

It isn’t fully unjustified to feel self-conscious about our hair. After Louis Walsh had hair treatment, he joked that fellow X-factor Judge Gary Barlow needed to address his bald patch too. This kind of judgment can make people feel unattractive.

What we feel inside is often portrayed outside and confidence is key to success. It seems that hair problems may contribute to that. For this reason, we see that many famous leaders and celebrities have had hair treatments to improve their self-confidence.

Recent stars who have had hair transplants include Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsey, and Calum Best. For many people, hair treatment is all about the prestige of having a full head of hair. For instance, Wayne Rooney upset that he was going bald at 25, decided that a hair transplant was the only option.

Hair plays an important part

Hair is also an important part of our look. When being described, your hair is likely the third item mentioned (after height and weight). There, in our minds, we must have great hair in order for those describing us do so in a positive manner.

Research has also found hair can play a more important role in attraction than the shape of a body. Therefore, people who see the difference from a hair transplant before and after the procedure tend to feel more confident about their hair but also more attractive in general. This is something that we know subconsciously.

Therefore, when we’re having a bad hair day or suffer from hair problems, we know people will find us less attractive. This is something that can impact how we interact with others. Those who are feeling less attractive are more withdrawn, and this is then reflected back to us as we interact with others.

This can cause a loop that continuously means we feel less attractive and more self-conscious.

Bald men suffer from mental health issues

Many of the men and women who suffer from hair problems such as hair loss tend to have mental health issues. German researchers found that those with baldness suffer from anxiety and depression. In some extreme cases, men suffering from baldness can have a psychological breakdown.

Feeling control of our destiny

Another key aspect of our hair is that it helps us to feel in control. If we have a bad hair day, then we can feel out of control and this can really affect our self-confidence. If we can’t control our hair, how can we make a difference in the rest of our life?

Yet, those with good hair are often confident and can be highly successful. Look at Wayne Rooney’s career after his hair treatment. He won titles, became the England captain and the first season after his hair treatment was his best ever, scoring twice as many goals as many other seasons.

As you have seen from the above, hair problems may contribute to how attractive and confident we feel, no matter if we realize that or not.

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