For many of us, getting up in the morning is a hassle. We often start our days on autopilot and go through our daily routines, forgetting about our well-being. There are some activities, such as exercise and meditation, which make the day easier to live through. Conversely, there are others that we shouldn’t include in our routines.

The Don’ts of Getting Up in the Morning

1. Checking emails and social media

First of all, many of us have the habit of grabbing our cell phones upon getting out of bed. Why? To look for that must-read email or Facebook message that we may have missed the night before. According to an IDC report, a startling 80% of cell phone users race for them as soon as they get out of bed.

Emails contain vital information which we should get hold of as soon as possible. But we shouldn’t do so as soon as we get up. It makes you feel rushed. Furthermore, it affects cortisol levels, which are especially high in the morning. We need cortisol to regulate stress. Morning emails also distract you from being present in the moment.

2. Making Life Decisions

Getting up early in the morning is a trying experience. Pulling ourselves out of bed can make us feel out dreamland makes us feel out of sorts. If loved ones ask if we want to sell our homes at that time, we shouldn’t answer them at once because we’ll still be in a sleepy state.

3. Chew Gum

Our stomachs are probably empty in the mornings. We may also have headaches that we want to get rid of quickly, so we reach for the paracetamol that we have in our medicine cabinets. Doing this is a mistake. Studies prove that chewing gum destroys the lining of an empty stomach leads to gastritis.

4. Checking your Bank Account

Another activity you should exclude from your morning routine is browsing through your bank account. Find out that it’s much less than it was before causes stress. Furthermore, the morning is when cortisol levels are the highest. This study proves that having a ready store of accessible cash triggers feelings of well-being.

5. Watching the news

Watching the news also adds to stress. The negativity of the latest health scares or wars means that we need cortisol, While this hormone relieves stress, it also raises our blood sugar levels, which is unhealthy in the long term.

6. Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee increases the acid in your stomach That, in turn, causes digestive issues. It also decreases serotonin, the happiness chemical.

7. Getting into a debate

Another sure way to increase cortisol levels and decrease serotonin in the morning is to get into an argument with somebody. Also, you’ll likely say what you shouldn’t because you’ll be too groggy to take notice.

8. Skip Breakfast

Finally, all of us know that breakfast is the day’s most important meal. But many of us skip it because we want to get to work as fast as possible. Researchers studied people who skipped breakfast but ate big dinners instead. Participants who did so had larger waist circumferences than those who didn’t skip meals.

What to Do Upon Getting Up?

There is a host of activities you shouldn’t do in the morning, and there is an equally long list of those you should.

1. Exercise

First of all, get fit. Do some stretching when you wake up. According to the American Psychological Association, exercise enhances mood and decreases stress.

2. Making the bed

Also, tidy your bed when you first wake up. Science shows that bed-making makes a person happier.

3. Drink water

Furthermore, drinking water instead of coffee will keep you hydrated. A study connects drinking water with increased energy.

4. Don’t sleep through your alarm

Moreover, hitting the snooze button leads to morning stress. It delays us and makes us late for work, which increases our cortisol levels.

5. Focus on today

Finally, it’s important to live in the moment. Forget about yesterday’s negativity and move forward instead. You may find solutions to the problems that are troubling you.

In all, avoiding stressful activities and doing useful ones after getting up in the morning makes a positive difference to your day.

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