Get Rid Of Fats In The Organism With These Two Ingredients!

///Get Rid Of Fats In The Organism With These Two Ingredients!

Get Rid Of Fats

Prepare this drink for purification of body fat. Is good after a hearty meal and, also, during a diet.

You only need two ingredients, which you probably already have at home or you can find them easily on your neighborhoods grocery.


Ingredients needed:

– 400 grams of celery
– 1 kg of lemons

Grate the celery, pour 2 liters of water over it and cook it for 20 minutes. Let the mixture cool afterwards. Squeeze the juice out of all lemons and add it into the celery. Strain the mixture and transfer the resulting juice in a glass bottle.

Way of consuming:

Consume 1 dl of this beverage three times a day, before meals. If the beverage is too strong, you can dilute it with water. Remember to always keep this remedy in the fridge.


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Get Rid Of Fats In The Organism With These Two Ingredients!

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