French people are not known for being reserved when it comes to eating. After all, theirs is the land of buttery croissants, escargots, and boeuf bourguignon (beef stewed in red wine). Despite the richness of their country’s cuisine, French women manage to remain stunningly slender and pique interest with their attractiveness.

Just how do they do it?

Observations from the City of Lights

A stroll around Paris serves as an eye-opener. You will witness life moving like a French escargot – very slowly. Moms relish the company of their little children in Luxembourg Gardens. Lovers laze on park benches in the afternoon, kissing with abandon.

Life seems to be at a standstill. Yet, each French woman you come across is model thin. French women have mastered the art of balance; they appreciate life without looking as if they do so excessively.

10 Tips from a French Woman on Staying Slim

French women show that it is possible to stay fit without doing much at all. They are ready to share weight loss tips with you if you are willing to practice them.

1. Stress and Fun Go Hand-in-Hand

The French take long siestas. It is not uncommon to find them enjoying long lunch hours. It is common to see a French woman staring out of a cafe window, just watching the events of the world unfold.

Contrary to what you may think, the French are not indolent. French women may take long lunch breaks but stay at the office long after the working day is over. When they do return home, they prepare a sumptuous feast for their family and friends.

Like French women, do spend an hour in a bubble bath after a hard day. The balance of fun and stress will do wonders for your figure.

2. Embrace Food

You may have tried every diet in the book. The weight you lost always seemed to creep back. French women stay slim, without putting in the effort to do so. They indulge in food and simply slow down when doing it.

3. Practice Portion Control

You will notice that sandwiches served in French bistros are not the long, six-foot monsters served in most Western diners. French sandwiches are small and dainty. Chefs keep ham and cheese to a minimum. Portion control is one of a French woman’s most effective slimming secrets.

4. Start Good Habits Early

French women learn the value of wellness early in their lives. Model Sigrid Agren shares that her mother taught her the importance of eating seasonal produce and taking care of her skin when she was a child. French children start practicing these positive habits when they are young.

5. Eat Fresh Produce

Seasonal foods make up most French dishes. Buying food directly from markets allows French women to avoid harmful additives and hormones. Agen and French actress Clemence Poesy share that they are conscious about buying organic, fresh vegetables.

6. Walk a Lot

A stroll may not seem to go a long way when it comes to losing weight, and it is the easiest slimming trick in the book. Walking is a boon for weight maintenance and combats obesity-related conditions such as diabetes. Long strolls will also increase your muscle strength and improve your mood. Walk more if you want to improve your balance and coordination.

It helps that there is a lot of walking room in Paris. It is possible to park a car 20 minutes away from a destination and walk to it.

7. Drink lots of Water

French model Aymeline Valade and actress Roxanne Mesquade drink water with lemon before taking long walks in the morning. Metabolism-boosting lemon water is a renowned remedy for weight loss. It aids digestion as well.

8. French Women Wear Sexy Lingerie

They take pride in their lingerie and love how sexy it makes them look. Nearly every French damsel wears sexy lingerie under her clothes. Doing this reminds her that she must do what she can to stay slim.

French women have commonsensical diet tips. Follow them, and be as reed-thin as they are.


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