Outfit?Check. Makeup?Check. Shoes?Check. Hair?Still working on it. Nothing is more infuriating than trying to find the right haircut for your face shape.

Those red carpet styles are all well and good, but will they work on you? There’s a lot to consider with women’s haircuts that many people don’t realize, but matching the hairstyle to face shape is the best place to start.

In the video below, you can clearly see how different face shapes can be, which is why it’s always good to know your own. Your face shape not only provides a template for hairstyles but also makeup and even picking a pair of glasses.

If you want some information to start, the video mentions tips for finding your face shape, which includes:

  • Take a selfie in natural sunlight, ideally against a blank wall. Your hair should be tied up in a ponytail, or at least pushed back from your face.
  • Print out the image using the full width and height of an A4 sheet
  • Using a marker pen, place dots along with key points of your face. This would be at the top, bottom, and along the sides. Around 8-9 dots should do. Now, connect all those dots and you’ll be better able to see the face shape.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what face shape you are, the fun part starts where you can find a really flattering style! The good news is that there are loads of interesting and trendy hairstyles that can work with all face shapes.

So let’s discover what these shapes are exactly:

  • Oval: Forehead is usually wider than your chin. As well, the length of your face will be roughly 1.5x your width.
  • Round: Rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.
  • Square: Your chin is square-ish and you’ll have a prominent jaw. The forehead and jawline will likely be an identical width.
  • Heart: Your cheekbones and forehead are wide, but the jawline and chin are narrow.
  • Diamond: A forehead and jawline are narrow, but with cheekbones situated at the widest part of the face.

Of course, the best way to determine your face shape is to ask your hairstylist, as they’ll know which haircuts work best for you. Once you know if you’re a heart shape, oval shape, or otherwise, many stylists will then show you celebs with the same face shape, so you can see how a certain hairdo could look on you.

There’s always a hairstyle that’s designed to flatter certain features and perhaps hide others, which means that you can never say: “There’s no hairstyle that suits me!

Trust us, there’s a haircut for your face shape, as well as your hair texture, length, and color.

Oval faces

Thought to be one of the most versatile face shapes, there’s not much that doesn’t suit an oval face.If you want to grow your hair, then an oval face is definitely suitable, but so too are extremely short styles like pixie cuts or even shaved hair.

Round faces

Experts generally agree that those with round faces should try to steer clear of bob haircuts or styles that are all one length. Layers work best and provide strong definition and depth. In general, try to elongate the face, ideally by wearing your hair long and including softer, textured parts around the face. A deep side part or a side sweep will also work great for round faces.

Square faces

For those with square faces, like Olivia Wilde, stylists often suggest moving away from haircuts that finish directly at the jawline. The aim is to soften a square shape with curtain bangs that are typically shorter in the center but longer at the corners. Keeping the hair long (past the shoulders) and adding a fringe will soften the jaw.

Heart faces

You need not look any further than Reese Witherspoon for hairstyle inspiration, as she is one of the most famous celebs with a heart-shaped face. Hairstylists will try to reduce the overall forehead width while highlighting the lower section of the face.

Longer, side-swept fringes and layers close to the cheekbones are ideal for heart-shaped faces. Hair is also ideally shoulder-length or longer to make the styles fuller around the jawline.

Diamond faces

Like oval faces, diamond faces seem to work with basically every hairstyle! Bobs and lobs that finish around the chin or shoulders are thought to be the number one hairstyle for diamond faces, but it’s still worth considering that layers should never be forgotten.

Final words

Keep in mind that many of these face shape guidelines are not steadfast. Play around with your look and see if going against the grain works for you. Sometimes, wearing a style comes down to how confident you feel. Use the guidelines as a starting point, but feel free to color outside the lines and break all the rules if it works for you.

You’d be surprised how an unconventional haircut for your face shape can suddenly just work because you rock it with confidence. Smiling a lot and being bold and daring with your choices proves that you can wear a hairstyle that usually isn’t considered suitable for your face shape.

As always, ensure that you’re taking good care of your hair by getting regular cuts, using hair masks, shampooing and conditioning roughly twice a week, and gently brushing a few times a week.

Factors like UV rays from the sun, chlorine from swimming pools, wearing scarves and hats in winter, and even build-up from products like wax and hairspray can all damage your locks if you’re not paying attention. Just like our skin, our hair needs to be treated often and constantly managed!

But the more we tend to our hair and give it the treatment it deserves, the better it will look in the long term.

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