Did you know that you can use certain essential oils for depression or low mood? According to science, some scents can instantly boost your mood.

Aromatherapy may not be the first treatment you think of when it comes to being in a low mood or suffering from mild depression. However, studies have shown that certain smells influence brain activity. Today, we discuss essential oils for depression and low mood that really work.

Some scents can lift our mood almost instantly. So if you are prone to having down days, or even if you just want to feel your best at all times, picking one, two, or even more of these special smells to keep you feeling yourself could be the way to go.

The research suggests that it works because the olfactory bulbs (your sense of smell in other words) is directly connected to the parts of the brain that process emotion. So, a smell can easily trigger a memory (long-lost or otherwise), or somehow remind us of when we were happy.

Having essential oils around the home can boost your productivity and result in fewer sick days too, with stable blood pressure and an active immune system to boot – wonderful news.

Here are some of the most effective essential oils for depression and low mood:

1. Lemon

The smell of lemon promotes concentration. This is an ideal scent for those who find that their minds can wander. Lack of concentration is one of the main causes of low productivity. It’s not that we don’t know what to do or how to do it, it’s just that we’re easily distracted.

Having lemon-scented essential oils in a mister or diffuser in your office space should keep you more grounded. Lemon has a calming effect which not only keeps your mind on what it should be doing, but it reduces feelings of anger and anxiety too.

If you’re feeling under the weather and run down, lemon, with its antibacterial and antiviral properties, can help by boosting the immune system. Lemon even improves circulation!

2. Lavender

Lavender is a very special scent. First of all, it is genuinely lovely, so you won’t mind having it around you all day. It also helps to keep your emotional stress levels under control. Lavender soothes the nerves and relieves nervous tension.

It can treat headaches, and in some cases, can even reduce the tendency to have migraines. Perhaps lavender’s most famous trait is that it promotes good sleep. A few drops of lavender on your pillow at night, and you should sleep through and sleep well.

3. Jasmine

Amazingly, jasmine is often used as a natural anti-depressant and is one of the most effective essential oils for depression. It offers those who use its scent a feeling of confidence, of happiness and optimism. It boosts energy levels and is super effective when it comes to calming nerves.

However, remember that some cases of depression will require medical help, so it’s always worth checking with your local MD. Aromatherapy is a great way to self-medicate in mild cases, though, and a great alternative to illegal (or level prescription) drugs.

If drugs are an issue, seek expert advice from rehab facilities – they will be able to help you address your addictions with a controlled but holistic approach.

4. Rosemary

The fragrance that you associate with the rosemary herb is not evident in the oils, rather it is woodier, more like camphor. Rosemary is said to help your memory, and it’s ideal for putting into your diffuser first thing on a Monday morning to get you in the mood for the workweek to come.

Rosemary is a mild stimulant, so it fights physical exhaustion and fatigue. It can even banish headaches, and its blends are a wonderful accompaniment to long car journeys or study sessions.

5. Frankincense

It is best known as being one of the gifts from the three wise men for the baby Jesus. Frankincense is an oil that helps to benefit long-term stress, anxiety, and inflammation while boosting the immune system.

It really is the all-rounder for healing physical and mental distress and benefits you from being an antiseptic too. A couple of drops added to a hot bath provides relief from anxiety and enhances relaxation.

When choosing which essential oils for depression to buy, always choose the highest quality. They will be labeled as ‘100 % essential oil’ and will provide you with the desired benefits.

Steer clear of oils that are labeled as either fragrance or perfume oil, because they are most likely to be synthetic.


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