Drink This 2-Ingredient Beverage If You’re Concerned About Your Cholesterol Levels

///Drink This 2-Ingredient Beverage If You’re Concerned About Your Cholesterol Levels

This drink is loaded with natural antioxidants, as well as nutrients which naturally help lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol levels.

A light drink that can be made with two organic ingredients, this is meant to be consumed before meals to help aid digestion and lower your cholesterol.

The ingredients are easily found at any local grocery store, and the procedure for making the drink is simple and easy.

Give it a try, especially if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol-Lowering Juice Recipe


  • Six lemons including the peel
  • Four large celery stalks


Chop up the celery stalks and lemons, leaving the peel on the lemon as the rind has many beneficial qualities as well.

Blend well using a food processor or juicer. Drink a cup of this beverage before meals.

How It Works

Celery is used to aid digestion, lower blood pressure, and kill bacteria in the urinary tract, and for blood purification.

Lemons are good for your immune system, preventing asthma, and increasing iron absorption.

But it is also helpful for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure while promoting weight loss.



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