6 Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense About You

///6 Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense About You

Things Dogs Can Sense

There’s a reason why we are so fond of dogs. They’ve been loyal friends to our species since forever and they continue to make our lives better simply by being around and offering unconditional love to us.

Dogs are excellent at keeping us healthy by making us run around and can also make us more empathetic towards others in our lives. Caring for a dog is a satisfying way to stay happy and healthy. Which is why so many people have one?

But what most people wouldn’t know is the amazing things dogs can sense about us naturally. This goes beyond simply sniffing out drugs at an airport, although dogs do have an amazing sense of smell. Dogs have other senses that are way beyond human experiences and we are only recently starting to understand them.

Here are the 6 incredible things your dog can sense about you.

1. When you are sad

Studies conducted over the years have shown that dogs have an amazing understanding of human emotions. They can tell when you are sad and respond by coming close to you, perhaps to offer some form of comfort. It’s their way of saying they are with you.

2. Your intentions

Dogs also have an uncanny way to tell if something is wrong. They can judge by the actions and body language what a person is up to and respond defensively if they sense something unpleasant is about to happen. Your dog already knows he’s about to have a bath when he sees you touch the towel or turn on the shower. If something is unpleasant, like a nail trim, the dog will usually hide but will submit to it if the owner is close by to offer support.

3. Diseases

This one is really surprising. Research suggests that dogs may be able detect people with diseases a little better than the medical equipment we use today. Some dogs have even been able to detect lung cancer in its early stages with 70% to 90% accuracy. As if that weren’t enough, some dogs can tell if you are about to have an epileptic attack.

4. Your fear

If you’ve ever been chased by a dog when you were scared, you already know this. Dogs think something is wrong when you are afraid and instantly come to the rescue, especially if you have a Doberman or Rottweiler.

5. Your other priorities

Unfortunately, dogs have short lives, but they do spend most of it being pampered and adored by the people they live with. This means they are likely to feel jealous if your attention is diverted or if you have other priorities. A new partner or baby may cause some resentment in a pampered pet.

6. Your anger

Sooner or later, you are likely to get upset over something and show the dog you are really annoyed. But their sense of judgment is so finely tuned that they can tell you are angry much earlier. They crouch down and tremble to show you they are afraid when you are angry at them.

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6 Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense About You

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