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Differences Between Men and Women Captured Comics

Comics are the best at showing the funny side of the differences between men and women.

In the beginning, God created men, and then women.

We have various versions of this legendary epic ‘reality’ archived in literary and holy transcripts from the stone to iron ages.

The common saying has been acknowledged “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” rings true in the sensation of everyday wake up alarms.

Alley Oop created in 1933 about prehistoric cave inhabitants. The comic strip related the relation tides between the hairy ape Alley, a comic hero with Oola, gorgeous cave girl Oola.

1-Differences between Men and Women

This saying circles in many aspects of daily life. Various illustrated comics poke fun at the differences between men and women, from dealings with breakups or strolling down shopping aisles. Smoothing the everyday strains of gender clashes a journey on some comic relief pathways is a ‘fix it’ venture of note.

As early as 1913 we had slapstick cartoon relief created by  George McManus called ‘Bringing Up Father’  depicting a former bricklayer, and wife, Maggie, a laundress until they achieve with all the trappings associated. Maggie in a newly formed snobbish and social-climbing mode and her daughter, Nora try to elevate him from his old tavern hanging out habits into prestige lifestyle network.

2-Differences between Men and Women

3-Differences between Men and Women

Daily cartoon, Nell Brinkley. 1929

The meeting. The first link, thoughts astray?

4-Differences between Men and Women

Initially, there is that warm venture of logging in. The sweet network of connecting. Then it reaches part two. The day in the life program is initiated. Box of chocolates and roses until the here and now… been there done that, what is next…..

5-Differences between Men and Women

It starts off with cuddles and hugs in a Bright side depiction of before and after marriage comic strips. Then we have the ‘his and her’ side.

In the loo side of the ‘his and her’ life snippets, there is the waiting period…

6-Differences between Men and Women

Daily rituals of the get-up and stand up motions get ready and action motions of the ‘his and her’ legends…

Here we go:

7-Differences between Men and Women

Refining moments of the final touch.

8-Differences between Men and Women

The image realms begin. What you see is what you get in the ‘his and hers’ diversity departments. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is to see and agree to the picture of me….’

9-Differences between Men and Women

Salon times, ‘his and her’ time gaps for perusal. Get your hand together for…Is she a copy and paste…..editor!

10-Differences between Men and Women

Now a look into the  ‘his and hers’ desk ad tops. The fully blown up muscled his and keeping it light and scenic in hers.

11-Differences between Men and Women

12-Differences between Men and Women

Who is standing up now?

13-Differences between Men and Women

14-Differences between Men and Women

Not the time has arrived to part ways and the picture frames fade in, fade out…….

15-Differences between Men and Women

What other comics about the differences between men and women do you know? Share them in the comments below.


By Nena T.

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Differences Between Men and Women Perfectly Captured in Funny Comics

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