Daddy Spends 18 Months to Create an Incredible Fairy Tree in His Daughter’s Bedroom

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Daddy Create Fairy Tree Daughter’s Bedroom

It is certainly a dream of every girl, or rather many, to have some sort of a fairy tree in her bedroom.

Well, Reddit user Radamshome went against the odds and decided to actualize his daughter’s dream.

The project cost was a whopping $4250 and it took an unimaginable 350 hours for a period of 18 months to complete! Amazing, right? What’s even more amazing is that the fairy tree is so strong, it can support up to three grown-ups!

Talk of taking the father-daughter bond to a whole new level and you can picture how building this structure is a massive gesture to show her daughter the love and concern she has for her. Radamshome, who is an artist in the video game industry, has some concerns that when his daughter is all grown up, she might want the fairy tree taken out of her bedroom.

Of course, there is that chance but let’s cross our fingers and  hope that does not happen, keeping in mind that this is actually one of the most creative gifts a person could ever get. The biggest question now is can we declare Radamshome the father of the year 2016?

Enjoy his amazing work!



When starting this project, he noticed that he didn’t have much of the core skills to deliver the kind of finished product he was thinking of. So, he took up welding classes that surely formed the foundation for a fine tree skeleton structure design.



In fact, the skeleton took close to 120 hours to be complete.


A wire skin was then applied to the rebar and that took more than 50 hours to do that.


A special mixture of cement was used on tree trunks while Papier-Mache was used to make branches and this combined, took a further 225 hours.


The other skill that came in handy was painting the tree and given the dad used to paint miniatures as a teenager, the process was relatively smooth.


After all the handy work, he wove Christmas lights around the branches with an aim of simulating stars that could be controlled. All the materials used for fairy details and tree decorations were bought from Michael’s art and supply store.


The beauty is that the tree turned out strong not to mention that it can last for a very long time without additional cost or maintenance.


Creating new things is the ultimate fun and this dad has certainly set the bar high.


Now, it’s time you try something new and creative and see how it goes. Just keep in mind that big is not unattainable anymore!


By Egline J.

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    Amazing!! Lucky girl!!

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Daddy Spends 18 Months to Create an Incredible Fairy Tree in His Daughter’s Bedroom

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