So you thought cycling is just good for your physical shape?

It turns out that it has a positive impact on your brain!

Recent research has shown that cycling helps in improving memory, reasoning, and planning while it also helps fight depression and anxiety issues.

How is this possible?

How cycling grows your brain

When we cycle, blood flows to the muscle increases which then allows the body to build more capillaries in these muscles.

This in return supplies more blood and oxygen to the muscles and the process that occurs in the brain is similar in that the cardiovascular system will grow further in the brain with frequent cycling.

It will also increase the number of proteins produced to create new brain cells meaning that our brain cell production will double or even triple.

Cognitive activities are also improved as the neurotransmitter activity increases allowing various regions of the brain to communicate more efficiently.

Further benefits

Mental issues such as self-esteem and self-worth can be easily improved by cycling. It helps clear the mind as you get to see nature and new areas, which refreshes your mind and reduces depression.

This activity also increases hormones that make us feel happy such as dopamine hence reducing anxiety. Hormonal imbalances can at times affect us negatively as we all react to stress differently.

Cycling enables our bodies to regulate hormone production for hormones such as adrenaline that helps in stressful times and improve our ability to handle stress.

Aging is a process that comes with time and studies have shown that cycling while still young will help the brain age appear younger even in old age.

Start Riding!

This fun activity can be done for between 30-60 minutes a day, at a good balance and pace. However, avoid too much cycling at short time spans as this can reduce nutrients and energy in the body causing physical stress.

Enjoy a slow and sure pace of riding whilst maintaining a good heart rate to enjoy and accrue its amazing effects.


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