Did you know that coconut is a very powerful plant that can kill bacteria responsible for teeth damaging?

Irish scientists have tested coconut oil samples on Streptococcus mutans. This is bacteria that glues to our teeth and causes dental erosion.

Coconut oil became the best tool for killing bacteria.

Scientists consider that coconut oil should be the main ingredient in toothpaste and mouth rinsing liquids.

This way our teeth will be more protected than before.

Dental caries does not get the attention it should get. It occurs in 60 to 90 percent of children and it can occur in grownups as well.

Guided research claims that if coconut oil, modified with chemical additives, is put into dental hygiene products it can be the most powerful tool against bacteria and other harmful substances that attack our teeth.

Coconut oil also kills the fungus Candida albicans which cause vaginal discharge, pain, stinging and burning sensation when urinating.


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