Are you a forever busy mom who desperately needs smart ways to ease her load?

Here you will find cleaning hacks and some cooking tips too. There are ways to cut the time spent on chores, yet keep your home looking Martha Stewart-friendly.

7 insanely clever cooking hacks that will make you a kitchen star

Do you want to make your family drool over your meals, yet feel too stressed up to make them? Here are some ways to prepare delicious meals without headaches. And you’ll become a kitchen star too.

1. Cooking Eggs

First of all, you might want to add eggs to your meal. Of course, you must use new ones. A stale egg will spoil your dinner. So how can you tell if an egg is fresh? Drop it into cold water. It’s a good egg if it sinks. It’s a little stale if it rises to the middle and inedible if it floats.

There’s also a way to cook a batch of them at one go. If you need to prepare lots of them for a crowd, don’t boil them. Bake them in the oven instead.

2. Knowing when to flip fried meat

One of the cooking mistakes that people make most often is to flip their meat all the time. Doing this makes meat lose its tenderness and crisp edge. You’ll still have to turn it over for both sides to cook. So when do you do so? One way to tell is to give you frying pan a shake. If your meat slides, it’s time to flip it.

3. Using Fruit

Are you a salmon lover? You may drool over it but feel put off when it sticks to the pan. Adding a few slices of lemon between the slices of fish prevents this because it stops friction. The lemon slices also add flavor to the fish.

4. Melting Butter

Do you want your butter to soften, but not melt completely? Use a hot glass because it generates enough heat. Warm the glass in a microwave for about two to three minutes, then place it over frozen butter. The butter will melt, though only partially. You can then start to use it.

5. Not crowding the pan

Another cooking mistake that people tend to make is to crowd their frying pans with food. They probably do so to save time. If you love your meat tender and juicy, leave some space between them.

6. Making mayonnaise quickly

You may respect the value of your greens, but hate that they’re flavorless. You can try to make a mayonnaise. Just combine an egg with 150 ml of olive oil.

7. Peeling ginger with a spoon

Everyone loves ginger in their stir-fries, and some people even add it to their tea. However, it can get a little stubborn. Peeling it with a vegetable grater may not help, so use a spoon to scrape the skin off.

7 crazy cleaning hacks that will make you a household name

Are you so busy at work that you’ve no time to keep your home spick and span? You’re not alone. The good news is that there are cleaning hacks that will get your home in mint condition in no time at all.

8. Microfiber gloves and socks

You may use a microfiber cloth to clean your laptop. This useful fabric cleans it without getting your computer wet. Here’s a way to further ease your cleaning load. Why not wear microfiber gloves and clean your shelves with them? You could also walk around your home in Swiffer socks. That will get your home clean.

9. Line your fridge with Press and Seal or Plastic Wrap

Are you frustrated with the time it takes to clean up spills in your refrigerator? Line it with plastic wrap because it cleans up messes quickly.

10. Cover air conditioning vents with dryer sheets

Doing this will get rid of nasty odors in your room and rid it of bacteria.

11. Clean greasy gas burners in a sealed bag

Put ammonia in Ziploc bags. Use 1/4 cup per bag. Then, seal your burners in them. Leave them overnight, then wipe them with a wet sponge.

12. Use Post-Its

Electronics are tricky to clean because they can’t get wet. Use the sticky side of a post-it to pick up dust.

13. Use an eraser to clean the dirt around your wires

The dirt around your wires tends to stay there. A simple trick to remove it is to use an eraser.

14. Use a coffee filter

Dust on your computer screen is a little stubborn. A coffee filter will help to get rid of smudges.

15. Use paper

Finally, another useful way to get rid of stains is to use paper. That will keep the glass screens of your laptop and monitor spick and span.

These clever cleaning hacks will get everything around the house pristine with a snap of your finger. The cooking hacks will fill your tummy quickly too.

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