When you visit a city you want to get a flavor for the real people who live there – what they like to eat, do, and where they like to drink.

That’s why it’s important to read these top tips for your next trip to help you blend into the city like a local.

1. Shop at the supermarket

Grocery stores are a great place to get a feel for the people of a city. They are where locals buy their food on a daily basis and spend most of their time. You will find very few tourists in the supermarkets. You will also get the chance to try some of the local food, including the local fresh fruit and veg which you may not be able to get anywhere else.

2. Take the bus

There’s no better way to experience the lives of people and where they really live and shop than by taking the local bus. Riding the bus is an inexpensive way to experience the local culture and get across the city.

3. Rent an apartment

Via Airbnb and some other great sites, you can rent a real local’s place, a place that is lived in and feels like home in the heart of a number of cities all over the world. Not only does this mean you get to feel like you really live in the city, but many hosts will also offer to show you around their beloved city and give you some local tips.

4. Go to Farmers’ markets

Try some locally-made food and fresh produce at the local farmers’ markets. You can usually find these in local neighborhoods in most cities. The events will also often feature live music from local acts and have a strong community spirit.

5. Watch Live Sport

Going to the local’s favorite sporting event is a great way to experience a community event and be entertained. Whether it be a soccer match in London or an AFL game in Sydney, there’s always a sporting event that unites the local population and you could be a part of, for the price of a ticket.

6. Go to the park

In most major cities you will find beautiful green spaces to hang out in. Most locals will spend the day at the park when it’s nice out, so it’s a great place for you to picnic and meet local people.

7. Stay Longer

In an ideal world, to really get a feel for a place, you would stay as long as you can. The longer you stay, the more you feel like a local. Opt for a longer term apartment rental so you can really feel like you are “living” in the city.

8. Meet up with Locals

There are so many websites, such as MeetUp, that offer great social events where you can meet up with locals in the area. Sign up to one of the existing events or even start your own if you have an idea!

You can use your imagination and think some more nice ways to feel like a local in the city you visited. Be a smart traveler and enjoy what every place has to offer you.


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