Feeling trapped is an unfortunate side effect of modern society.Many of us are a product of our past conditioning and negative thoughts.

We tend to go through life making unconscious decisions or perhaps overthinking our choices.

In today’s rapidly expanding world, conscious decision making is more important than ever.

Change starts with individuals and spreads throughout the lifeline and on to society as a whole.It may be helpful to remind yourself: When I change, everything changes.

1. Be Aware of Thoughts

Harnessing thoughts is critical to changing your destiny. An oft-repeated spiritual truth is that we must alleviate complaining, criticizing, and condemning from our internal and external dialogue. Focusing on negativity brings more of that into our lives.

When you find yourself spiraling into negativity, try focusing on a more evolved emotion such as gratitude. Bringing gratitude to the forefront of your conscious mind will activate the law of attraction into your life.

2. Use Your Emotion

Emotions are your friend when it comes to decision making. Many decisions are actually made long before the conscious mind becomes aware of them. It is important to understand that there was still a choice involved, a karmic choice if you will. It is also crucial to trust your emotions.

Emotions can be a sign of well-being or a harbinger of distress. Apply wisdom to emotional decision making, in order to ensure that the right choice is made at the moment.

A good rule of thumb is to gauge how the decision you are making is going to affect you and those around you, weighing short-term consequences against long-term benefits.

3. Focus on What You Want

Practice redirecting every negative thought, emotion, and feeling back into something positive. If you consciously focus on what you want over what you don’t have, things will change.

Immediate benefits can be observed in simple day to day interactions by taking a positive approach, such as smiling at others and trying to help the people around you.

Decide what you want out of life, assign meaning to your deeds, and follow through with targeted action. Only you can change your own life.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, there is the promise of a better future. Destiny is a combination of our family of origin, society as a whole, and most importantly the decisions that we make throughout our lives.

We are a product of our own destiny insofar as our destiny is a product of us. For every factor that feels out of control, there is a solution.

As individuals, it is imperative that we start to command our own fate. Only then can we start to positively affect the future of humanity as a whole.

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