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Tips on how to make friends, build trust, and form bonds with the people in different areas of your life, including social circle and workplace. Articles about recognizing and handling toxic and negative people among your social connections.

How to Be an Interesting Person with 8 Science-Backed Hacks

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Everyone is interesting in their own right, but it’s okay to want to be the most interesting person in the room. We are all interesting. We all have our unique interests, skills, and history, so don’t start thinking that you’re boring just because others are different from you. However, we all secretly want to spark interest in others. There are a number of ways you can do this, but we have brought you eight science-backed ways to be a more interesting person to others. 1.

What Are Kindred Spirits and 7 Signs You Have Found Yours

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When you meet a kindred spirit, you will experience a rare connection. Similar interests and standards will be a few of the indicators. I’ve met a few people who’ve felt like kindred spirits to me. It was strange in a way at first because the connection was strong, so strong it was hard to believe. Have I been wrong about some of these people? I think so, but not all of them. In fact, most of them were platonic relationships and even groups of people.

How to Stop Being a People Pleaser in 9 No-Nonsense Steps

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Being a people pleaser is just not healthy for your self-esteem and may stop you from achieving your goals in life. Pleasing others is good sometimes, especially if you’re doing something from the kindness of your heart. But always striving to make people happy, regardless of your own worth, is never a good thing. That's why you need to stop being a people pleaser for your own good. Because always wanting to please others will eventually make you feel quite empty. How to stop being

Why Do Friends Change? 6 Most Common Reasons and What to Do

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The truth is friends change. No matter how much you love and appreciate your acquaintances, they can still fade and disappear from your life. I remember having certain friends in primary school. Now, I never see these people, and rarely even think about them anymore. It’s sad, I know, but friends become different people over time - they inevitably change. The changes that occur among friends can be small or drastic, and this determines the changes that end or begin friendships. The strangest thing that

7 Effective Strategies for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

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Conflict inevitably arises in the workplace and managing it the right way is important. After all, you can’t just ignore your issues with other employees or situations. The truth about the conflict in the workplace is that it must happen. This means that, yes, conflicts must arise. If they didn’t happen, then it would mean that everyone was holding their feelings in and not addressing real concerns. Conflict is necessary, but should not get out of hand. Strategies for managing conflict in the workplace can show

Teens and Peer Pressure: How to Protect Your Child from Bad Influences

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As a parent, how can you know when peer pressure has adverse effects on your teen? And most importantly, how to protect them from it? Parenting can be a daunting task with trying to juggle everything in life plus raise children to be good people. Peer pressure and its effects can play an important role in your teen’s present as well as future life. For some of you, the teenage years of your children may just be a small stretch away. And boy has the

How to Deal with Road Rage and Stay Calm and Collected While Driving

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At times, it can feel like the most frustrating feeling in the world. In fact, at times it can even progress into road rage - which as we all know is no laughing matter. However, even if you don't quite get into the road rage sensation, it's safe to say that there will most definitely have been occasions where you have lost your cool on the road. Worst of all, it's these feelings that can shape your whole day - from out of nowhere your

5 Things Angry People May Be Hiding Underneath Without Realizing

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Have you ever wondered why your partner is so angry? Or why your boss is? Or why do some angry people in your life are more easily provoked than others? Angry people attack others and turn people away from them. And while all you want to do is probably leave that angry person alone, think about what might be causing it. Here are some things that angry people may be hiding - even if they don’t realize it: 1. They are in pain Anger is