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8 Types of Mattresses and What You Should Know about Each

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When it’s time to purchase a mattress, remember to do your research. There are many types of mattresses to choose from. We often undervalue the importance of different mattresses needed for our bed. Since our day is long and our responsibilities many, we just assume our bed will provide a long-needed rest. Unfortunately, we don’t always find rest and relaxation, and it’s due to an old worn-out mattress. It's obvious that we have a problem, and there are a few options that might help. Types

Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation & Plants to Have at Home

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Our modern lifestyles expose us to almost limitless sources of electromagnetic radiation. It has potentially disastrous health effects, so we'd want to know how to prevent them. The appliances in our homes are potent sources of it, and this thought is frightening. Thankfully, many plant sources can contain it. What Is Electromagnetic Radiation? 1. The Definition According to Physics Physics defines Electromagnetic Radiation as the waves (quanta or photons) of an electromagnetic field radiating through space. They include ultraviolet light, gamma rays, and X Rays.

How to Compost: Everything You Need to Know about Composting

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There are many reasons why we should know how to compost. If you’re reading this, however, chances are you’re already aware of them. For anyone that doesn’t know, here are just some of the reasons why composting is becoming essential and we all should start doing it: Why we all should know how to compost: In the US, 20% of a typical landfill is made up of food waste. In the UK, 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year. When this food

35 Smart Life Hacks for Home Improvement, Cleaning and Cooking

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Cooking, cleaning and building a sanctuary take effort and time. Everyone needs a few useful life hacks to keep their home clean and organized. Your kitchen may not be as hygienic as you think it is. The bathroom looks clean but may be full of germs. Life Advancer provides a few useful life hacks. Life Hacks for Home Improvement The little details turn houses into homes. Here are a few of our favorite home improvement tips. 1. Disguise Your Thermostat Controls First of all, hang

27 Fire Safety Tips That Can Save Your Life in an Emergency Situation

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The likelihood of a fire breaking out in your home or workplace may seem small but isn't. Global warming has increased the possibility of fires, so we need to learn about fire safety more than ever, that's why this article discusses details about this useful, yet dangerous element, and introduces a few helpful tips. Five Classes of Fire Are you aware that some experts separate fires into five classes? Class A: These fires break out when organic combustibles such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, plastics, and trash

4 Reasons to Declutter Your Home and Why It Will Make You Happier

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When you declutter your home, you put your thoughts in order too. Don’t believe me? In fact, there is scientific evidence that a messy house is bad for your mental state. Take a good, hard look around your home. Is it clean and tidy? Or is it, like many modern homes, piled high with bits of paperwork, miscellaneous tech devices, chargers, laundry, ironing, school books, and a million other items? If you fall into the latter category, you need to declutter your home as living

4 Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Help You Transform Your Kitchen on a Budget

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There are some simple but brilliant kitchen renovation ideas if you look to fine-tune your kitchen but are not ready to spend a fortune on it. Whether you look to sell your house or just want to give your kitchen a fresh look, there are some great renovation ideas for your kitchen that will help you save money and time. Some people have suggested that armed with a brand new kitchen, a house on the market will sell at ease. Whether or not that is true

7 Amazing Sock Crafts and 10 Other Ways to Use Single Socks

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Do you want to give your home a personal touch? You will be surprised to know that sock crafts can enhance the home and are a way to exercise your creativity. Here are a few fantastic DIY sock projects and other ways to make your old socks useful. 7 Amazing Sock Crafts 1. Snug Cup Grab a clean jar and stretch a clean sock over it. The mouth should cover the top of it. Leave enough of the material to extend beneath the container. Then,