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Here you will find information about the ways to look younger, take care of your skin and hair and stay fit. Beauty secrets and fitness tips you can follow to make sure you stay fit, young and attractive.

Adult Acne: Who Is Affected, What Causes It and How to Deal with It

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Adult acne is particularly frustrating for its sufferers, who fantasized about the freedom of clear skin in their 20s and their reality seems to be something completely different. Coming out of your teens, one thing everyone looks forward to is the regulation of hormones and escaping acne-prone skin. The horrors of waking up in the morning to a big, red, unwelcome guest should be a thing of the past. But for some, the breakouts just keep breaking and this is called adult acne. Try as

How to Make an Avocado Face Mask for Clear and Vibrant Skin

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This article reveals how to make a soothing avocado face mask to help your skin stay clear, hydrated and vibrant at home. Whether it be in its natural form or turned into an oil, there’s no denying both the benefits and popularity of the avocado and for good reason. Avocado has some spectacular benefits both inside and outside of the body. It’s a great source of proteins, good fats and a multitude of vitamins to help your body be as healthy as possible. You may

How to Make a Face Mask at Home Depending on Your Skin Type

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Let's face it, literally and figuratively. Facials are costly, so you'll want to know how to make a face mask from natural ingredients at home. It's a wise idea to find out how a face mask should work before making one. Consider your skin type before doing so as well. Below are some recipes for a face mask you can make at home, depending on the kind of skin you have. How a Face Mask Works You would describe face masks as short-term, high doses

What Forward Head Posture Is Doing to Your Health and How to Fix It

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Forward head posture is a condition that affects a great number of people today. As with many other health issues faced by modern people, a sedentary lifestyle is to blame. Ah, computers, the wonders of modern technology that allow us to communicate, travel, pretty much do many things at the click of a button and a good internet connection. They are fantastic pieces of equipment but they do come with their problems, especially if you work with one five days a week, own a Smartphone

You Have Sensitive Skin If You Can Relate to These Signs

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The term sensitive skin is something that is often thrown about without understanding the full meaning and consequences behind it. The term ‘sensitive skin’ will refer to the increased reactivity of the skin to products or conditions that to most other people do not cause a reaction. For example, someone who overuses a product, or over exfoliates can cause their skin to redden and this may lead them to think they have sensitive skin. The winter months will often irritate our skin more and so

5 Hip Flexor Stretches to Prepare Your Body for Exercise

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What and where are your hip flexors and what can you do to soften them up? These hip flexor stretches will help you do exactly that. The hip flexors are a group of muscles that are found at the tops of your thighs and they connect the leg to the hip. Any sort of movement that your lower body undertakes, which includes sitting and exercise, these muscles are involved. Read on to learn how to perform hip flexor stretches safely and effectively. The main hip

5 Training Methods and How to Find Which Works Better for You

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There are five major training methods that vary according to the needs of the person involved in physical activity. How to find which of them suits you most? There is a multitude of training methods to choose from. This makes finding the method that works for you a difficult process. Many studies and health professionals recommend daily exercise. We find many people carrying out different activities and training regimens in order to improve their overall health. So, how do you work out which of these

Skin Types: What to Know About Each and How to Find your Type

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Each skin type has different maintenance needs. Your skin is the first thing everyone notices. Of course, it must be in tiptop shape. This guide tells you about the different skin types and how to find yours. We bring you a few sought-after skincare tips too. What you should know about different skin types You've probably heard that skin can have different types, but you probably don't know about their characteristics. Also, you may not know that your skin type may change over time, depending