Diabetes, hormonal imbalance and other conditions of the endocrine system. Recommendations on how to manage and prevent these health conditions.

Diabetes Prevention Made Simple with 6 Tips & Food Choices

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Diabetes prevention is more important now than ever before. Diabetes is an ugly condition but fortunately, people who have prediabetes can delay or prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. This involves changing your diet along with your activity level. We live in a society where sugar and refined carbs are literally rammed down our throats. A lifetime of sugar consumption can catch up with you and diabetes, just in the United States, affects some 100 million people. The good news is we can now

10 Hormone Imbalance Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Are too many pimples showing up at once? It may be that the symptoms of hormone imbalance are showing themselves. Why do men and women suffer from imbalanced hormones? We explain this and how to get rid of them the natural way. Causes of Hormone Imbalance in Men and Women Hormone imbalance isn’t just due to a woman’s pre0menstrual syndrome. Men can suffer from it as well, and here’s why. For women: 1. Aging First of all is aging. The levels of female hormones, progesterone,

12 Low Estrogen Symptoms in Young Women and the Causes Behind Them

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Have your periods been irregular? Do you often feel irritated? You may have low estrogen symptoms. Hormonal imbalance symptoms of this nature have undesirable effects on young women like yourself but are manageable if you know their causes. This article points the way. Why do young women need estrogen? There are compelling reasons for young women to regulate their estrogen levels.  This hormone helps them through their reproductive years and keeps them healthy. 1. Creates a Suitable Environment for Female Development Estrogen creates a suitable

What Is Hyperhidrosis and How to Control and Relieve Its Symptoms

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If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you should know that there are many natural methods which will help you get a relief. Sweating is a normal bodily function. You become overheated and then your body sweats in an attempt to cool you down. For most people, it's a natural occurrence with not much thought given to the after effects, aside from jumping into the shower after a workout. However, for the remaining population, some 15 million people, the onset of sweat immediately sends them running for

Roles of Melatonin and Serotonin in Sleep and How to Boost Them

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Everybody has the right to happiness. Therefore, all of us have melatonin and serotonin, the happy hormones, moving around in our systems. So, what do these happy hormones do? They facilitate a good mood and keep us motivated throughout the day. Besides regulating our appetites and social behavior, these hormones improve our sleep. We show you how they do so and what you can do to increase them if you have sleep problems. What Are Melatonin and Serotonin? What exactly are these happy hormones, and

What Causes Excessive Sweating and How to Deal with It Naturally

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If you are suffering from excessive sweating, you may be wondering what causes it and how to treat it. Below you will find natural remedies for this condition. While sweating is a completely natural and essential process that happens when you have participated in some form of physical activity or exercise, get too hot or consume a certain food. However, when there is no natural reason for sweating, it could be that you are suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. In this case, it's important

Signs of Imbalanced Hormones You Should Never Ignore

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Imbalanced hormones would usually be associated with the visions of menopausal women in a rage to most people. Utterances of the word ‘hormones’ ring an echoing negative tone. The fact is, this is not an exclusive case, and hormonal changes affect every one of us, from birth to our ending days on earth. Actually, hormones are the secret weapon of the body. They keep the heart-thumping, the digestive system continuously churning, and the brain intact and sharp. Oxytocin is the love and social connection hormone

20 Warning Signs of High Blood Sugar and What to Do to Bring It Down

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Hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar, is a condition that is becoming prevalent among the young and old. Society has become affluent, so people prefer expensive, sugary desserts. So the fact that there are more people with the signs of high blood sugar than before is not surprising. If diabetes and hyperglycemia run in your family, take some time to understand its causes and symptoms. This article will point out the signs of high blood sugar and teach you how to keep it in check. Causes