Digestive System

How the digestive system works and what possible problems there can be. Recommendations on how to prevent these conditions and deal with digestive issues with lifestyle and diet changes.

Stop Eating Gluten Immediately If You Have These Symptoms – You May Have Celiac Disease

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Celiac disease is a digestive disorder caused by an abnormal immune reaction to gluten. What happens is as follows: as soon as a patient with celiac disease consumes gluten, his/her immune system reacts by damaging the small intestine and causes various symptoms, including diarrhea, bloating, fatigue, and abdominal pain. Because the intestine becomes inflamed, it may also lose its ability to absorb nutrients from the consumed food, which leads to other associated illnesses. Celiac disease (or gluten intolerance) is characterized by the body's inability to

How to Detox Your Liver Naturally with These 5 Foods

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The liver is the body’s primary detoxifying organ that works around the clock to keep your system clean. Well, it turns out that it does not do the miracles without proper diets in the sense that it uses the compounds from foods that we eat to turn toxins into less harmful substances that can safely be excreted. So, what to do if you have too many toxins in your body? Instead of going for inorganic detoxification methods, try these foods to detox your liver naturally.

Here Is What the Color of Your Tongue Reveals about Your Digestion

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Have you taken a long, hard look at your tongue lately? Well, maybe you should. Did you know that your tongue holds the secret to your digestion woes? If your tongue is pink and smooth, the chances are you have a healthy diet and are able to digest your food properly. However, if your tongue is covered in a bumpy, white layer, then there may be something seriously wrong with your digestion. A white-coated tongue often means that you aren't digesting your food properly, and

Five Foods to Eat If You Have a Stomach Ache

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Everyone experiences a stomach ache every now and again, whether it's because of something you've eaten, or because you have a stomach bug, or even because you are a little bit hungover, your stomach will often react and it can be extremely painful. Unfortunately, there is no one way to cure your stomach forever, you can't just take a pill and expect to be cured. But there are certain foods that can help you. Even if you don't think you can eat while you feel

Here Is How This 70-Year-Old Man Naturally Cured His Late Stage Colon Cancer

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Colon cancer may be more prevalent in the population than you realise. Did you know that it's the third most common cancer for both men and women and the second most likely cancer to cause death in the USA? Half of the patients that are diagnosed with colon cancer officially die from cancer and the other 30% are unaccounted for. In 2011, the death toll for colon cancer reached 70%. Some of the methods for curing patients with colon cancer include surgery, which usually involves the

10 Foods to Balance and Restore Your Gut

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There are certain foods that are known to balance and restore your gut, and should be included in any diet. Not only will they help your gut, but they also have many other health benefits that you will notice when eating them regularly. To get you started, here are 10 of the top foods that will help you to restore your gut health. 1. Asparagus This is a vegetable that goes with just about any meal, and it is loaded with nutrients, including protein, vitamins