Digestive System

How the digestive system works and what possible problems there can be. Recommendations on how to prevent these conditions and deal with digestive issues with lifestyle and diet changes.

Japanese Water Therapy: How It Can Keep You Healthy and Slim

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We all know that we need water to keep our bodies functioning. But you may be surprised to know that drinking plain water the right way can be a useful slimming method paired with multiple health benefits. The Japanese take water seriously and believe that drinking it in a certain way can have therapeutic effects and improve overall wellness. Let's find out how it works and aids weight loss. What Is Japanese Water Therapy? The premise of this method is that most illnesses begin because

How to Improve Gut Health with These 10 Foods and Lifestyle Changes

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Does your stomach feel queasy too often? You may want to know how to improve gut health. Understanding how your gut works will help you figure out what compromises your digestive system. Discover how to improve your gut health with dietary and lifestyle changes. How does your digestive system work? So, what happens in your gut? Some information on the digestive process will stress the need to look after it well. 1. Mouth Digestion begins in the mouth. It starts as soon as you have

How to Perform a Natural Body Cleanse with These 8 Remedies and Techniques

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These natural body cleanse techniques are simple and effective. With your doctor’s guidance, you can perform them at home. Do you want to restore the balance to your body?  Or do you want to restore optimal respiratory, digestive and nervous system function? A natural body cleanse is a good start! These systems have to work together for your optimum health, but their functions can be compromised when overloaded with toxins. And when they do not work as they should, our bodies get sick. What you

How to Relieve Constipation with Natural Remedies & Lifestyle Changes

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Do you feel bloated, yet have trouble relieving yourself? You'll need to know how to relieve constipation. Bloat can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings a person can experience, but you can ease it with simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen. We'll introduce you to them, and a few recipes, as well as a number of lifestyle changes that will help you achieve a relief. What is constipation? Constipation refers to irregular or hard-to-pass bowel movements. Patients often pass out dry or

7 Foods to Avoid with IBS (and 5 Foods That Soothe Your Gut)

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Do you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome? If so, there are certain foods that IBS sufferers should avoid. There are also foods that help sooth the irritations of this illness as well. I’m not the most educated person when it comes to irritable bowel syndrome, but I do suffer from the issue. I endure some of the worst discomfort and pain due to the inflammation and irritation from enduring IBS. However, I am becoming more familiar with foods I should avoid because of my IBS,

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath and 10 Possible Health Causes Behind It

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Do people cringe when they speak with you face to face? You may want to know how to get rid of bad breath. A foul odor coming from your mouth can have several causes and could be a sign that you are under the weather. Life Advancer offers some solutions for getting rid of bad breath and related illnesses. What Is Bad Breath? Bad breath, also known as halitosis, refers to a foul smell coming from your mouth. It can occur on occasion or could

Stomach Cramps After Eating: What Causes Them and How to Relieve Them

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Do you find yourself bending over in pain after eating your meal because of stomach cramps? They can be unbearable. If you are prone to stomach cramps, you will want to know what they are and what causes them. Of course, you will need ways to prevent them. What are stomach cramps? A stomach cramp refers to a dull ache in the abdominal area. It doesn't last long most of the time and isn't severe. If it is, there is some cause for concern. Sudden

Why Drinking Water After Eating and During Your Meal Is Bad

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No one needs to tell you that water is good for you. But drinking water right after eating or during your meal might pose some problems. There's no question that water's beneficial, but it's when you drink it that counts. Most of us do so after meals because the seasoning in our food makes us thirsty. However, drinking water after or while eating our food can be bad for us. Here's why. The Benefits of Water We're not saying that water is dangerous because it