5. Bad vs. Good

In a relationship, there will be both good and bad times, that’s life. But if the bad times outweigh the good, then something is off. I remember so many great vacations, camping trips and even picnics with my family, but I also remember horrific fights. Unfortunately, the bad circumstances came way too often. My life was a series of edgy dread.

Every morning I woke and wondered what negative event would happen and would I be able to get through the day without being depressed.

I hurt inside saying these things because I always had so much hope. Giving up to me was like not putting in enough effort to make things work. Honestly, you don’t necessarily have to give up, you just have to change the structure of your family.

Sometimes, it’s better to live apart and raise healthy children, than live together and cause them emotional harm. The bad times were more numerous, and this is another reason I left. This is a reason you may need to leave too.

6. No Future Plans

For those of you who are in fairly new relationships, say a year or two, maybe three, this one is for you. If you have plans for your future, but your partner does not share those plans right now, or either he just doesn’t want to talk about it, then maybe you should move on. It’s important to be on the same page with the one you love. If not, breaking up with someone you love, makes sense.

Maybe your partner is just having fun in the relationship and isn’t really thinking of marriage or building a family. This is their personal preference and should never be forced upon anyone else, and you should not try to force your views on your partner either.

If you have different ideas for your future goals, then this is another reason why breaking up with someone you love makes sense.

Is there any hope when breaking up with someone you love?

Yes, there is always hope. Hope lingers in the background while you sort out your mess, usually. Also, there will be other times when you can practice not giving up, or practice your dreams of having a family. I have a family, and I see them as a unique structure now.

I am moving on, and I will have a much better understanding of what I will and will not tolerate in a relationship.

Let’s hope this helps you and gives you strength to stand firm in your convictions. If you are in a loving relationship, then that’s great, but if you find yourself dealing with these issues listed above, then maybe it’s time to reconsider your plans….and make new ones for yourself.

Much love


By Sherrie H.

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