Book readers, sadly are a dying breed. They are slowly being replaced with online tabloid websites.

Book readers will usually fall into two categories, the skim reader, and the deep reader.

The “deep reader”, is someone who can be described as actually finishing a book, from cover to cover. They absorb the whole story and cherish the time spent with the characters, these people according to Annie Murphy Paul of TIME magazine, are known as deep readers.

Apparently, if you are a deep reader, you are nicer and in fact more intelligent than the average human. This is based on studies conducted by psychologists at York University and the University of Toronto.

These two studies were undertaken three years apart and came to similar conclusions.

Raymond Mar undertook the study in York, Canada, and Keith Oatley undertook his study in Toronto and both came to the conclusion that those who read fiction were more empathetic and had the ability to keep an open mind.

Fiction book readers, according to the study, have the ability to entertain other ideas, whilst still retaining their own, a trait which all humans should have but most don’t.

Here’s a thought, did you ever see an ex-reading a book? Did you ever sit over a coffee discussing your favorite book? No? Good job they are your ex.

By reading, you experience other people’s lives through your own eyes, which gives you the ability to see other perspectives, an important ability to look out for in a potential partner.

When you read, you learn what it’s like to be a man, a woman, you learn about how others live, how they suffer. This is really important in life as when you are aware of how others live it adjusts the way you live and treat others yourself.

A fiction reader will know every pain, feeling and thought of their favorite characters. When you are an avid reader you live a thousand lives through your books.

Book readers are more intelligent.

This is because when they read they increase their vocabulary and memory skills. Book readers have higher cognitive functions than a non-reader and this leads them to have better communication skills.

Loving a reader

So when you look for your next partner, find them in the library, the bookstore, the coffee shop, you won’t catch their eye as they will be deep in their book.

Talk to them about their favorite read, their favorite characters, oh and buy them a coffee. A book reader doesn’t send texts or emails to show you how much they care. They will write you letters, poems, and haikus.

When you are with someone who reads, it’s like you are dating someone with a thousand souls. Be with someone with can read your soul, who doesn’t just love you or your body but can see into your soul.

This person will completely understand you.


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  1. John

    I just enjoy time with my books especially if it’s a story. but sometimes it feels empty when you’re actually done with a book with a great story. Sadly I don’t have good communication skills.

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