Innovative Biogas System Lets You Convert Your Organic Waste into Clean Energy!

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Biogas System Convert Organic Waste into Clean Energy

The thought of living in a self-sufficient environment sounds attractive, don’t ya think?

Growing your own food, making natural products to use around the home and seeking light and warmth from nature alone, these are the goals many of us want to accomplish. Some of these tasks are easy while others take a little more time and thought. For instance, one of the most recent accomplishments comes from an Israeli startup, Home Biogas.

What is Home Biogas?

Home Biogas has created a way to recycle wastes into something usable. This company provides a unit which can help people turn their own wastes, animal wastes and organic materials into fuel. In fact, homeowners can turn their wastes into 2-4 hours of cooking fuel. About one kilogram of wastes can be turned into 200 litres of gas!

If that doesn’t seem interesting to you, then think about turning your own wastes into 5-8 litres of liquid garden fertilizer, per day! For those growing their own foods, this can mean larger and healthier crops! This can easily be accomplished.

Innovative Biogas System

The Home Biogas unit has the capacity to take in 6 litres of food wastes and 15 litres of animal wastes per day. For those who are working toward a full cycle waste recovery system, this means so much. Waste not, want not! Yeah, I know, but that statement fit perfectly and I couldn’t contain myself!

Let’s do this!

If you’re interested in getting a Home Biogas unit for yourself, then not to worry. These units are easy to assemble, at 48”x65”x39.4”. They are rather inexpensive, as well. Supporters can bid around $890 on the Crowdfunding page. After the campaign, the unit’s price will return to the original cost of $1500. If you’re curious or fully dedicated to the self-sufficient cause, then don’t WASTE any time, check it out!

Sorry, I had to do it! 😉


By Sherrie H.

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Innovative Biogas System Lets You Convert Your Organic Waste into Clean Energy!

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