Benefits of Juicing and Blending: Which Is the Best for Your Beverage?

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Benefits of Juicing Blending Infographic

What are the benefits of juicing and blending and which suits your needs better?

There’s a new wave sweeping over food fans everywhere, and it’s got less to do with carbs and sugars than it does with shapes and forms. Juicing and blending is the hot new thing for many people looking to boost nutrition and health, and for good reason.

Both give you an opportunity to increase your intake of those ever-so-essential but sometimes lacking fruits and vegetables. More complex recipes can also add other good-for-you stuff to the mix—almond milk, nut butters, nuts, and supplements, too, to name a few.

There are specific constraints to both juicing and blending.

Blending doesn’t work well with root vegetables, and may have a lower per-serving quantity of nutrients than juicing. Juicing, on the other hand, uses a more cumbersome piece of equipment and may cost more than blending, too.

As with anything that you create in your kitchen, there are certain combos that work well and those that don’t. Leafy greens are all-around hard workers, but some veggies like beets don’t mix well with every fruit.

Once you get the hang of a few standby recipes and learn what flavors complement each other, though, your juicing and blending world is virtually unlimited.

To get the most of the benefits of juicing and blending, use a few rules. That may include how to handle and cut up the ingredients as well as when to consume them. But whatever you do, know that juicing and blending can be a great part of a really healthy, delicious eating plan.

Benefits of Juicing and Blending - Infographic

Whether you’re new to juicing or blending or want to learn more, this graphic can help, with helpful steps and yummy starter recipes.

So go off, juice and blend, and drink up!

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Benefits of Juicing and Blending: Which Is the Best for Your Beverage?

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