Well..! No wonder everyone wants to be rich, and some people also say everyone has the same opportunities to become a millionaire.

but I don’t think it’s actually true, although everyone can avail the same opportunities in some aspects of their life but same opportunities?

Nay… I can’t be Steve Jobs or Mark, but what all believe that anyone can be rich if they avoid and manage their spending habits. People say rich people are blessed people! I still don’t agree with them, there are plenty of examples in the world where people did hard work and in fact, they did smart work and become the richest people in the world.

But there also some signs which show that either you will be rich, or not or you are already rich, but here in my article, I am not discussing rich people duh! There is not my concern but I want to tell you about the sign that if you kept following you will never be rich!

Sounds scary right to me as well! Who doesn’t want to but the Ferrari or dreamt of world tour?

Everyone does here is those signs if you kept following you will never be rich.

1. Too Much On Saving Lesson Earning

Well if you are one of them who focus more on saving and less on the learning then this sign shows that you will never be rich, so stop daydreaming about buying a castle of your dreams you’re not going to have it.

People with saving habits are great but focusing a lot on the savings and less on earning will always keep you for the sake of financial crisis, and if you want to become rich then you have to start earning!

Without having a good learning how can you save a good amount for you castle of your dreams?

2. You Are An Impulsive Buyer

If you are in those people who eagerly want to buy the expensive things which you cannot afford but still you buy it and you’re broke then you are not going to be rich ever! Never! You have to give up this habit this is bad, the impulsive attitude towards purchasing the most expensive thing which you cannot afford will always keep you broke, and you will never become the rich person.

If you even started working and you have your paychecks don’t give your lifestyle arise until you have the strong financial background. Don’t use this phrase all the time “I wish” and “I want” believe in this phrase the less is more.

And it’s quite true the more you have the more your greed will increase so believing on less is more will always keep you on the safe side.

3. You Have Zero Investment

One of the best ways to earn money and increase profit in that money is an investment and if you are one of those people who hasn’t yet started investment than you will never go to rich in your life, you can’t be rich on your daily wages or monthly salary.

It will come and go just like that and you will be like I just had cash in my hand and now it went so many expenses are also rising in your life on a daily basis no matter how much you try to avoid and cut of surpluses.

So what you have to do is start investment, you can invest in whatever you want, in the stock market, in saving accounts, in Gold, Diamonds, or saving and lottery bonds which are offered by different banks. Investments will increase the chances of your earning more profit is a short time.

4. You Are Spendthrift

If you have a habit of spending a lot on everything, over the things you don’t need it but you think you can have the need of that thing in future in your life than you can never be rich, why not to buy that thing when you need it?

You can keep that amount on the safe side, what if you purchase that particular thing and you don’t use it? Think about the amount and time you will waste by purchasing that thing or whatever that material is.

So always have a control on your wallet and hand when it does about spending amount because you’re this attitude can make you broke.

5. You Live Someone Else’s Dream

You always envied the opulent lifestyle of your friend and wished and wanted to do that thing in your life but you never had a chance to do that’s how you think which is not true if you pursued your own dream than you don’t have to worry about being rich or money.

If you look at the history there are examples of people around the globe who succeeded and became rich because they pursued their own dream not someone else. So don’t run after other’s dream and start working on your own dreams and see the magic.

Author Bio: Joseph Carey is working as an Academic Consultant and is always very passionate to guide others about books, reading, and writing.

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