Sometimes we are in bad company without even realizing it. Being around the wrong people can steal your happiness and hinder your progress.

You may find yourself working hard to be a positive and happy person, yet, somehow something keeps dragging you down.

Why can’t you seem to get this sense of negativity out of your life? Rather than asking what it could be, it may be time to start considering who it could be.

It’s hard to admit that you are in bad company and someone in your life is toxic for you, especially if you consider them close to you.

However, once you make steps to distance yourself from them, you will notice yourself feeling much happier.

1. You don’t feel good enough for them.

Do any of your so-called friends make you feel as if you’re not good enough for them? You may feel a constant pressure from them to change, whether it be your sense of style or of the way you talk.

If you feel someone is always criticizing you or disapproving what you do, chances are it’s not you…it’s them, and you should stop surrounding yourself with them and their negative energy.

2. They only do what’s convenient for them.

When someone needs help you are always there for them, but when it’s the other way around they might not be there if it requires too much effort for them. If you notice someone in your life always manipulating the situation so that it everything is most convenient for them, chances are you are in bad company.

The best decision would be to distance yourself quickly from this kind of person!

3. They are possessive of you.

When you really needed to talk to someone last week they couldn’t make time for you, but now when it’s convenient for them, they want you to themselves. Especially when they see that you have other friends, they may get jealous and manipulate you to stay by their side.

4. When someone always brings up negative thoughts.

If you know someone who is always bringing up negative thoughts whether, through gossiping or complaining, it’s a sure sign you are in bad company.

This type of behavior may rub off on you after a while and bring you down in the end, even if that was never intended.

5. You always feel exhausted around someone in particular.

There might be someone in your life who always leaves you feeling emotionally drained, whether they mean well or not. If you notice yourself feeling exhausted whenever you spend time with a specific person, you may want to stop altogether.

6. When someone brings out the worst in you.

If you feel like someone brings out the worst in you, get out of the relationship, fast! You may notice that you’re always in a bad mood when you’re with someone, or you feel the need to lash out at those around you after spending time with a specific person.

These are signs telling you that it’s just not worth it to be close to this person anymore, even if it’s hard not to be.


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