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Panos is a web developer and an SEO & social media expert. He is a movie and music geek who has a wide range of interests that include technology, environment and self-improvement. He loves expanding his horizons and improving his life along with making the world a better place to live in.

Ways You Can Help To Improve The Environment Without Spending A Fortune

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We all know that being good to the environment is the right thing to do, for ourselves and for future generations. But it can seem like to make a big impact on the environment you have to do something extraordinary and potentially expensive like buying a hybrid car, having solar panels fitted or only buying more expensive locally sourced food. Big gestures may help but there are hundreds of little things that you can do easily and cheaply that will have a great environmental impact


Turmeric: Versatile Spice With an Added Health Bonus

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One of India’s most important spices, turmeric can do as much for your health as it can for your taste buds. Here are some ideas for ways in which this bright yellow spice can pep up all kinds of humdrum dishes while bringing you some very significant health benefits at the same time. An underrated additive You probably think turmeric, a pivotal spice in Indian cooking, is not something you have in your spice cupboard.  Think again!  You’ve probably got a venerable package of curry


Zambian Children Getting Clean Water For The First Time

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Imagine if you had to walk two miles to get drinking water for your family every day. That’s what many of these children in Zambia have to do three times a day. They have dreams of going to school. Watch what happens when their village gets clean water for the first time. To learn more about how you can help the people of Zambia get clean water, visit World Vision. This makes me so grateful that I have a roof over my head, running water,


5 Simple Ways to Boost your Happiness

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At the moment you can feel easily overwhelmed by other things going on in the world especially if you watch a lot of the news. Our own lives can be pretty overwhelming at times too so I have put together a little list of some simple ways to boost your happiness back up. Let’s face it we all could do with the extra smile boost right? So read on for my tips to bring that smile to your face; 1. Don’t be Regular We all


5 Secrets of People Who Follow Through with their Creative Aspirations

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“The starting point of all success is desire” ~Napoleon Hill We are busy. Time flies. We have routines and habits that guide us through our days and to-do lists. However, there is another part of us that runs parallel to this experience. Next to our to-do list is another list that we keep close to our heart. This is the list of things we hope to someday accomplish. These are our soul projects, our creative projects. Maybe you want to someday... Write a book. Learn to


Top 10 Outdoor DIY Projects You Can Do in Under an Hour

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You don't need a ton of time or even effort to upgrade your outdoor space. In fact, in an hour or less you could complete a project that will further turn your backyard or balcony into an impressive oasis. Here are 10+ such projects to consider. 10. Get Rid of the Pests Nothing kills an outdoor party like insect bites. Make your own citronella candles or turn an empty wine bottle into an attractive mosquito repelling torch. The simplest and quickest bug deterring "project," though?


How India is Creating 300,000 Jobs AND Planting 2 Billion More Trees

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A new initiative in India will employ up to 300,000 youths in an effort to improve air quality and provide opportunities to the unemployed. Chaotic, majestic, polluting, and entrancing – words that describe India in all her splendor, but also relay the imminent need for transformation and environmental remedy. A growing country with 1.25 billion people, profound spiritual secrets, and increasing global power, India has long fascinated the world. But now it is is taking initiative in an inventive way that will provide youth with


Bad for Teeth, the Brain and Pineal Gland – Is Fluoridating Water Worth It?

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Fluoridating Water is one of the most controversial topics today. The people who are advocates for water fluoridation claim that adding this substance to the public water is beneficial to the community’s dental health because it hardens the enamel on teeth protecting it from acid and bacteria, making it easier for people to brush away oral bacteria and prevent tooth decay. It’s also claimed that research shows that fluoridating water reduces a population’s rate of tooth decay between 40-70%. However, when it comes to the