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George holds a bachelor degree in marketing. He spends his free time playing and listening to music.

The Truth About Energy and Life Force

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There are no mistakes in this world, we are all part of a universal masterpiece. We are bigger than you think, we are bigger than we have been conditioned to believe. As we move through the evolution of thought we are beginning to remember that there is more, we are beginning to remember that we are the creators. In order to create reality, science, spirituality, and consciousness are all showing us that all things are alive with energy. As the quantum field begins to uncover


Why Heavy Metal Detox Therapy Could Help Prevent Heart Disease?

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Maybe you know someone who has suffered a heart attack. You're concerned about their well-being, particularly if they're diabetic or suffered a large heart attack. You want to make sure that absolutely everything that can help this loved one stay healthy and alive is discussed with their doctors. Odds are very high, however, that there's one promising therapy the doctor won't tell them about: chelation therapy. Chelation therapy was designed decades ago to trap and remove serious environmental toxins like arsenic. While using it, some


Habit Formation that Works even if You’re Lazy, Forgetful and Not Motivated

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 Millions of people vow to change themselves for the better every New Year. After a few days of trying, most people fail and lose track after a few weeks—even if these are the same habits they listed last year. Ask yourself, how many times have you promised to meditate, write a journal, exercise and eat healthily? Trying harder isn’t the solution. You’re failing not because you’re bad at forming new habits; you just haven’t found the right way to do it yet. How to Create


15 Air Purifying Plants to Remove Harmful Toxins

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It’s possible to filter your indoor air with the right air purifying plants. The results are so proven that even NASA has concluded that the plants you choose for your home make a difference. Here are some of the best plants that will go to work making your indoor environment cleaner. 1. Peace Lily One popular choice for an indoor houseplant is a Peace Lily. It’s a pretty plant even when it’s not blooming, and its flowers are pure white and can be very stunning


Shifting Realities, Feedback Loops and Truly Getting Free

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It appears things change more than we think – way more, and in more ways. Even when we’re aware of the underlying reality of constant change, we reference new changes by our memory and perception of old changes. And those were based on previous reference points. We seem to often judge change by points of previous attachment, even though they continually shift. That cannot be very accurate no matter how real they were at the time. Things have shifted. And will continue to do so.


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Meditation, According to Scientific Studies

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It is a wide-known fact that meditation is a powerful tool against stress, fatigue and anxiety, but did you know that it has some amazing health benefits? However, numerous scientific studies have shown that mindfulness meditation not only makes you relaxed and helps you unleash your inner potential but also significantly benefits your health and affect your body on a physical and even genetic level. 5 Ways Meditation Benefits Your Physical Health 1. Meditation rebuilds your brain The results of a study at Harvard Medical


9 Not-So-Safe “Healthy” Foods You Should Avoid

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Some foods have been promoted as “healthy” when they’re exactly the opposite. Clean Plates founder Jared Koch shared nine examples. Here’s an expansion on his observations: 1. Canned Tomatoes Many canned foods contain BPA, a toxic chemical linked to reproductive and neurological abnormalities, such as breast and prostate cancers, diabetes and heart disease. High acidity in tomatoes causes BPA to leach into your food. Consumer Reports’ testing noted that only a few servings per day exceeds safety limits for children. To avoid this, don’t purchase canned foods. Stick


Cultivating Consciousness in an Unconscious World

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Politicians constantly evade the truth. Why can they get away with it? According to a recent study conducted at Harvard University, it’s because people have such terrible attention spans. Behavioral scientist Todd Rogers of the Harvard Kennedy School and Michael I. Norton of the Harvard Business School conducted a simple experiment to see when and whether people can detect a dodge. They recorded a speaker answering a question about universal health care (a controversial issue in the US). Then they attached the same answer to