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George holds a bachelor degree in marketing. He spends his free time playing and listening to music.

5 Life-Changing Benefits of Lucid Dreams

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Lucid dreaming isn’t just a way to have mystical experiences—it’s also an incredibly useful day-to-day life skill. Here are five ways you can use it to gain incredible advantages in your life Once a relatively obscure practice studied only by sleep scientists, artists, and mystics, lucid dreaming has become an incredibly popular subject. Although many are aware of the phenomenon of being consciously aware and in control as you dream, few know the diverse applications the skill can have. As someone who’s been lucid dreaming

Cultivating Your 7th Sense

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Intimately intertwined within the commonly accepted five senses our body uses to collect information about our external world lies the uncharted territory of our metaphysical world containing extrasensory perception and our chakras. It’s only recently that our sixth sense has come into humanity’s collective awareness. But did you know you have a 7th sense? It is Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) who is credited with the classification of the primary five sense organs: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. These sense organs contain receptors

10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness

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You ultimately become what you repeatedly do.  If your habits aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you. Here are a few examples of the latter that will steal your happiness if you let them: 1.  Focusing on everyone’s story except your own. Don’t be so satisfied with the success stories of others and how things have gone for them that you forget to write your own. Unfold your own tale and bring it to life. You have everything you need to become what you are capable

15 Places In Europe You Need To Visit In Your Lifetime

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Europe is home to historic cities, world-famous museums, and phenomenal restaurants. There are several places in europe you need to visit before it's too late. But there are also gorgeous hidden beaches, phenomenal ski resorts, and stunning natural formations like canyons, waterfalls, and gorges. We've come up with the ultimate bucket list of travel destinations in Europe. Here are 15 things you need to do in Europe in your lifetime.   -Take in the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the Greek island of

Olive oil is the healthiest choice when it comes to frying food, study finds

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A new study published October 22 reinforces once again that olive oil is one of the best oils for cooking compared to other seed oils. Researchers based their conclusion on a few different factors, including nutritional content and the oil's ability to maintain quality under high temperatures. Published in the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists note that various oils have different physical, chemical and nutritional properties that can be degraded under high heat and repeated use. Many cooking oils

Use Your Intuition To Get What You REALLY Want

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Whether you're wondering what direction to take with your career, hoping to find a life partner, or making a list for self-improvements, we all have goals in life we believe will help us find happiness. Our desires may be vastly different, but we can all achieve a more fulfilling life by using a tool we already have free, unlimited access to — our intuitive guidance. You've probably heard of intuition, but when was the last time you actually thought about what following your intuition could

Secret Of Life Explained By Children

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Statistics show that when people get to the end of their lives they regret what they didn’t do more than what they did do in their lives. What would your future self-say to you right now? What is it that you haven’t done or made that you will regret when you are old? Is there a book that you want to write, an adventure to travel, or maybe a technology that you want to invent? These adorable children have life figured out. They know what

7 Things That Are Blocking Your Spirit Guides

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Your angels, spirit animals and spirit guides, in general, are supposed to be connecting and communicating with you, offering guidance for your life and acting as a source of light and encouragement. If you aren't experiencing this, what's the problem? As it turns out, it’s probably largely you yourself that stands in your own way, as well as the way of your spirit guides! Everything from your attitude to even the things that you eat can affect the connection with your spirit guides. Never fear,