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Brittany is a writer who loves to bring information and advice to others that may be overlooked or simply forgotten. She writes about relationships, self-improvement and lifestyle. Along with writing, Brittany started her own business as a graduation present to herself; she now creates custom (beaded) jewelry in addition to being a full-time college student.

4 Popular Diet and Exercise Fads Debunked

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No matter what day and age you grew up in, there are some diet and exercise fads that just never seem to go away. We have all seen our fair share of them, and what have we learned? Fads are not going to give you the results you want! Instead, you need a consistent routine that will contribute to the overall big picture. Since these fads are still around, here are some tips on how to break the cycle. 1. Weight Loss Miracle Pills A

This Is Why Winter Yoga Should Become a Part of Your Life

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While many are picking up expensive gym memberships, and enrolling at name-brand studios to get started on their new year's resolution. Here’s a tip, you don’t have to! Try winter yoga instead! Yoga is an incredibly beneficial exercise for your winter tune-up. No matter your age, ailments, or previous health issues, yoga can help you become fit without breaking your bank (or touching it at all) and is something you can do at home. What Is Yoga? Yoga focuses on bringing the body and mind

5 Steps to Becoming Successful and Achieving Your Goals

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Becoming successful is not a hard task, all it takes is determination and steadfastness. There is no secret formula; no luck involved. In fact, you can turn your life around right now by taking simple steps that we outline here. One thing to keep in mind is that overnight success stories burnout for a reason, they are incredibly unstable. If you build your success on a firm foundation or your prior accomplishments, you will be stepping high and start becoming successful in due time. 1.

5 Basic Building Blocks of a Strong Relationship

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No matter what situation you are in, a strong relationship is always a bit of a gray matter area. While some say that they can predict the future, love is not an easily charted path as some would like to believe. That is not to say that there are no tips in order to improve, and ensure your relationship has the best possible life! Since we all need a little reminder about what exactly brought us together, we have a couple of the basic tips

Things to Let Go of to Start the New Year off Right!

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As the new year has started out, take a moment to think back about everything that has happened in the past year that has led you to be where you are at this exact second. Are you happy with your situation? Most of us will say yes when in all reality there is something negative we are holding on to. There are things you need to let go of before you can begin a new slate for 2015. 1. Let Go Of Self-Doubt. 2. Let